Dems updates questions about Kavanaugh’s FBI background check

Washington (AP)

Senate Democrats revealed that the FBI had received thousands of hints and provided “all relevant” hints to the White House advisory office, after which the FBI’s against Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court It raises new concerns about the thorough background investigation.

FBI Secretary Christopher A. Wray received more than 4,500 chips in a letter at the end of last month when he investigated the past of candidates after the 2018 nomination by President Donald Trump in response to a long-standing question from the Democratic Party. I made it clear. The process was the first time the FBI had set up a tipline for Senate-confirmed candidates, Ray said.

A group of Democratic senators said in a letter to Ray Wednesday that his response “raised important additional questions.” They asked him to explain, among other things, the number of hints the FBI determined to be relevant, the criteria the agent used to make that decision, and the policies and procedures used to scrutinize the hints. .. Senators also asked for more information about the tipline, such as tipline staffing and how to record or store tips.

“Your letter confirms that the FBI’s hints are a departure from past practices and that the FBI was politically constrained by the Trump White House,” Senator wrote.

Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Supreme Court in October 2018 after an exaggerated confirmation process that allegedly sexually assaulted a woman 30 years ago. He strongly denied the claim.

According to Ray, the FBI conducted Kavanaugh’s own background check. It consisted of five days of interviews with 49 people. The agency then conducted a supplementary background check after new information emerged about Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who claimed that Kavanaugh had attacked her as a teenager. As part of that process, Ray said the FBI interviewed 10 people in six days.

However, he emphasized that the investigation would be inherently limited without the “authorities, policies, and procedures” used in the FBI’s criminal investigation.

Dems updates questions about Kavanaugh’s FBI background check

Source link Dems updates questions about Kavanaugh’s FBI background check

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