Denzel Washington comforts Will Smith in Oscar

Oscar made a shocking turn on Sunday when Chris Rock made insensitive comments Alopecia Jada Pinkett Smith, Calls her “GI Jane” because of her buzz cut. Will Smith, who was offended on behalf of his wife, walked on stage and Hit the lock on the face.. Following the scene, several celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, and Bradley Cooper took some time to comfort Smith, but were clearly upset by the comments.

“During the commercial break, Will Smith was separated and comforted by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry,” said journalist Scott Feinberg. Tweet Sunday night. “When he sits with Jada, it looks like he’s wiping tears from his eyes. Denzel comforts Jada, and Will’s clerk is by his side.” Washington, like a good friend. After walking on stage, putting his arms around Smith’s shoulders and talking to him for a while, they both sat down again and were a little relieved.

“Love makes you crazy.”

At the end of the night, Smith won the Best Actor Award For his role in “King Richard”. Smith began his speech by providing a quote that Washington spoke to him just minutes ago. “At your best moment, be careful, it’s when the devil comes for you,” he said in his own words before tackling the situation in rock.

“I want to apologize to the academy. I want to apologize to my fellow candidates. This is a great moment and I’m not crying to win the award. It’s not to win the award for me,” Smith said. I said with tears as a pinquet. Smith smiled at him from the audience. “Art imitates life. As they said about Richard Williams, I look like a crazy father, but love makes you crazy. [hopefully] The academy will bring me back. ”

See Washington and Smith A heartwarming moment here.

Denzel Washington comforts Will Smith in Oscar

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