DeSantis says 307,000 doses of COVID vaccine expected next week

Governor Ron DeSantis said on Tuesday night that Florida would receive 307,000 new COVID-19 vaccines next week, but that wasn’t enough to meet demand.

The governor tweeted about a “moderate increase” from the federal government, adding that “supply remains an important issue in immunizing the population aged 65 and over.”

The supply will arrive at the beginning of the week.

DeSantis prioritizes vaccination of vulnerable older people in the state.

He said the state receives about 260,000 initial doses of the two-shot vaccine each week, but about 370,000.

DeSantis and the White House exchanged views this week on the number of doses sent to the state.

DeSantis calls the ration a “stagnation,” but White House spokesman Jen Psaki replied that Florida uses only half of its supply. DeSantis replied that these vaccines are being given as a second dose for the elderly.

According to DeSantis, the expected 307,000 COVID vaccines next week were first published in the WUSF public media. Tampa NPR, local news coverage.

DeSantis says 307,000 doses of COVID vaccine expected next week

Source link DeSantis says 307,000 doses of COVID vaccine expected next week

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