Despite the pandemic burden, German business is optimistic

Frankfurt – According to a closely monitored survey, optimism increased among German companies in February, but concerns leveled off with a reduction in infectious diseases.

Business sentiment indicators compiled by the Ifo Institute show that the industry is holding up better than public services during the pandemic, even if the devastated tourism business expresses cautious optimism about the next vacation season. Shown.

The institute said in a news release on Monday that Europe’s largest economic research index rose to 92.4 points after reading 90.3 points in January.

The results provide a bright outlook for thousands of German companies, with indices rising in all key sectors, especially in manufacturing and industry. Retailers were less pessimistic than last month, despite the drop in sales. “The situation is still tough,” said the Munich-based institute for hospitality businesses such as hotels and restaurants, but “the tourism sector is once again cautious about the holiday season.”


The outlook has brightened despite a warning from German Health Minister Jens Spahn that the number of infections has stopped declining recently on Friday. Elementary and kindergartens reopened on Monday in 10 of the 16 German Confederation regions, but broad restrictions on business activities remain in force. Manufacturing industries, such as the automotive industry, which are major employers, have been better able to deal with pandemic measures than companies that rely on direct contact with their customers.

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Despite the pandemic burden, German business is optimistic

Source link Despite the pandemic burden, German business is optimistic

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