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New York-It’s getting warmer and you’re ready to safely enjoy the fun you can enjoy with family and friends. Join the Eyewitness News meteorologist Amy Freeze and join the 30-minute special “Destination Summer”. We will travel throughout the Tristate for some great activities that are definitely worth visiting this summer.

First, travel to New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure. You may have visited before … but now the post-Covid situation works differently. From booking arrival times to arranging vehicle lines and ordering food in the park, we’ll show you a new protocol for safe enjoyment. Plus, get a preview of their latest ride-the tallest, longest, and fastest single-rail coaster in the world. Then head north to Westchester and board the Yonkers iFly. The brave flyer is a wind-blown simulator tunnel up to 150mph, where you can feel the thrill of skydiving without risk.

What would happen in summer without a little adventure? Embark on a Jurassic-style expedition and encounter the roaring animatronic dinosaurs that move in the woods! Field Station: Located in Overpeck Park, Bergen County, the dinosaurs have more than 30 live shows a day, as well as games and activities for kids and adults. Paleontologists make sure the exhibits are accurate, and Broadway producers make sure the experience is thrilling, educational and enjoyable. Then go back in time with the only steam locomotive and riverboat connection in the country. Essex steam trains and riverboats travel through the beautiful wetlands of Connecticut. Riders can learn to operate steam locomotives and even whistle!

To enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the challenge, go to the Adventure Park on Long Island. Treetop Park in Wheatley Heights with a variety of rope courses and over 20 ziplines. The park has 185 different platforms, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of nature. Then return to Manhattan for the immersive Van Gogh. Here, visitors can connect with art in new ways. The exhibition allows people to “step into” Van Gogh’s paintings using projection screens, theatrical storytelling, and animation.
And if you have the courage, you can take a walk in the Hudson Yards on the edge, the tallest outdoor skydeck in the Western Hemisphere. Amazing views and see-through floors create an exhilarating experience. In addition, make a short road trip to the Edge of the Woods to feel the rush of river rafting in Delaware Water Gap.

We hope you will join us at the Destination Summer this Saturday, May 22nd at 7pm. ABC7NY only.

Where to see in our show:

Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson Township, NJ-New safety protocols such as booking arrival times and limited park capacity.

iFLY-Yonkers, NY
Simulated skydiving from 3 to 103 years old.

38th New Jersey Lottery Ballooning Festival
Redington, NJ-July 23-25 ​​Get information and tickets at balloonfestival.com or 1-800-HOT-A ​​IR9.

Little island
Manhattan, New York. An oasis on the Hudson River at Pier 55.

Field Station: Dinosaurs
Leonia, NJ-A huge complex like Jurassic Park, with more than 30 animatronic dinosaurs in total-groans and moves! Opened June 19th.

Essex Steam Train & River Boat
Essex, Connecticut-Vintage steam locomotives and riverboats pass through the picturesque Connecticut River Valley. The train visits several coves and reserves and immerses passengers in an onboard eco-excursion where bird watching is possible.

Food Truck Festival at Mount
Mount Loretto Ponds on Staten Island-Gourmet food, beer, sangria, live music. June 11-13

NYC Pride 2021
Manhattan, NY and Online-Face-to-face and online events. Pride festival, pride island, etc.! June 17-27

Long Island Adventure Park
Wheatley Heights, NY-Zipline, mountaineering, aerial adventure. Bridges, ladders, 185 treetop platforms connected by 26 ziplines, and an evening “Glow in the Park” party.

Immersive van Gogh
Manhattan, NY-Interactive exhibition at Pier 36 with screens and projections that make you feel like you’re in Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. Opened June 10th.

American dream
East Rutherford, NJ-Entertainment complex with shopping, gaming and North America’s largest indoor water park.

11th Beer, Bourbon, BBQ Festival
Brooklyn, NY-Southern Fried Block Party. Guest seminars by exotic smoked meat, music, master distillery and pit master. July 31st-August 1st

Hudson Yard, Manhattan, NY-The tallest outdoor skydeck in the Western Hemisphere, with glass panel edges and see-through floors.

Edge of forest trinkets
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania-Rafting and kayaking down the Delaware River.

Destination Summer: Watch only on ABC7NY

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