Details announced at I-75 hijacking on Thursday

Lee County

Two women and one child were in the car and the woman was assaulted. She was then forced to drive the man who carjacked them.

WINK News today went to the victim’s home and tried to talk to Miragros Chirinos. She didn’t want to go to the camera. She recalls, “They were trying to kidnap me.”

A report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office provided a timeline for the carjacking event.

Lawmakers say two women were heading north on the I-75 towards Orlando in the car. However, they were caught in a traffic jam due to a car fire.

They pulled as Miragro Chillinos’ granddaughter was crying in the backseat of the car. At that time, the women say that a man in a white tank top and black shorts got into the back seat of the car and shouted, “Let’s go!”

Chirinos told his agent that the man who jumped into her backseat appeared to be drunk. At one point, the man yelled at her to drive and hit her left shoulder.

She started driving north on the I-75 until the suspect looked at his GPS and told her to pull. She stopped at the Gulf Coast Town Center and he got out of the car.

An agent arrived at the scene, interviewed two women, and the Crime Scene Investigation Unit began handling the car.

The LCSO reported that the suspect fled before the arrival of Sheriff Lee’s agent. WINK News asked if the sheriff’s office had a lead, but no one answered our inquiry.

Details announced at I-75 hijacking on Thursday

Source link Details announced at I-75 hijacking on Thursday

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