Detained protesters had bear sprays, hammers

Portland, Oregon. Police found crowbars, hammers, bear sprays, and guns after enclosing a group of about 100 protesters, according to Portland police.

In a news release, police said police surrounded the protesters about 15 minutes after the march began in the city’s Pearl district on Friday night as some began breaking windows.

The ministry warned the crowd that failure to comply with legitimate orders could lead to arrests and exposure to tear gas, and said it would remove journalists, statutory observers, and persons with medical conditions from the closed area. It was.

The remaining people were identified and photographed as part of the investigation, police said. Others locked their arms and refused. Police officers escorted them and arrested them, including suspects of previous window vandalism, police said.

Some of the protesters confronted police and threw a can of rocks and beer, the agency said. The policeman used a pepper spray.


Some of the protesters left behind were crowbars, hammers, bear sprays, knives, and what the department described as “rocky slug weapons.”

Thirteen people are guilty of protests, including chaotic behavior, resistance to arrests, and interference with police.

One identified as Katrina Walker, 26, from Portland was cited for illegal possession of firearms. Another Tarawalker, 34, was booked for illegal possession of firearms and possession of firearms in public places. It wasn’t immediately clear if they were involved or if there was a lawyer who might speak for them.

Portland has been a frequent source of protest since George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis in May, many of which involve violent clashes between officers and demonstrators. During the summer, demonstrations were held for more than 100 consecutive days.


Mayor Ted Wheeler should be punished more severely for accusing him of what he said as part of a violent instigator that undermines the police’s accountability message.

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Detained protesters had bear sprays, hammers

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