Development of Nanoengineered Bacteria for Cancer Optoceranostics

Schematic diagram of nanoengineered bacterial-based optical cancer immunotherapy.Credit: JAIST’s Eijiro Miyako

There is great interest in understanding and designing nanoengineered bacteria to combat a variety of deadly cancerous diseases. However, traditional nanotechnology approaches employ genetic engineering to weaken and improve the potency of bacteria. In addition, previous approaches required complex chemical reactions.

Scientists at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) have developed a convenient method for the development of nanoengineering. Bacteria for Light heat Cancer immunotherapy.

Discovered by Associate Professor Eijiro Miyako and JAIST student Cesalleg, the synthesized ICG-encapsulated Cremophore EL (CRE) nanoparticles use biologically permeable near-infrared rays to optoceranostic cancer. It can be applied to non-pathogenic natural bifidobacteria for effective nanoconjugation of infrared rays. (NIR) Laser. In particular, nanoengineered bacteria can be easily prepared in two steps: incubation and washing.

Optically activated functional nanoengineering bacteria have shown unique absorbance and fluorescence properties, strong photothermal conversion, high biocompatibility, excellent tumor selectivity, and strong anti-cancer effects. Light-induced NIR fluorescence from functional nanoengineered bacteria promoted clear fluorescence tumor visualization in association with the bacterial tumor targeting effect. In addition, the powerful photothermal conversion of functional bacteria can be spatiotemporally triggered by a biologically osmotic NIR laser for effective tumor regression in mice with the help of an immune response. I have.This research is conducted by optical nanoengineering approach It can provide strong physicochemical properties for cancer immunotherapy and attenuation of living bacterial cells.

Current experiments ensure further exploration of this new therapeutic approach for the treatment of refractory cancer.The team believes that the developed technology will advance cancer Treatment to make more effective medicines.

“Nano-engineered bifidobacteria with optical activity for photothermal cancer immunotherapy” Nano letter..

Photosynthetic Bacteria-Based Cancer Optoceranostics

For more information:
Sheethal Reghu et al, Nanoengineered Bifidobacterium bifidum with optical activity for photothermal cancer immunotherapy, Nano letter (2022). DOI: 10.1021 / acs.nanolett.1c04037

Provided by Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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Development of Nanoengineered Bacteria for Cancer Optoceranostics

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