Devil’s sacrifice cast into a destructive horror stereotype

Netflix’s latest horror release is a chainsaw Classic slasher movie And while scary, it comes to the other side with nightmarish stories that cause important conversations.

Set in the town of Tumbleweed, Harlow, Texas, the latest version of the Leatherface franchise, “Devil’s sacrifice”Gets the page from the original script, Standard horror story Through the eyes of a new generation. The story continues with the melody (Sarah Yarkin). Her sister, Lira (Elsie Fisher); Melody’s business partner Dante (Jacob Latimore); and Dante’s girlfriend Ruth (Nell Hudson) set foot in a small town in search of a new business venture. When they inadvertently uproot Leatherface from his home and drive away his only living family, the chainsaw tears and no one’s limbs are safe from what happens next. A ferocious leatherface rampages around town, summoning Sally Hardest (Orwen Huere), the only survivor of the original movie.

With a cruel chase scene Bloody screamThe trailer alone is enough to backflip the sofa, hold it in your hand, and never return. A serial killer wielding a chainsaw in our living room? No, thanks. Nevertheless, Horror loversDirected by David Blue Garcia in Tejanos, this movie is full of jump scare and amazing twists, lifting the little hair behind the neck in a strangely satisfying way.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” will premiere on Netflix on February 18th. Hear from Fisher and Yaqin about how Leatherface was incorporated and how the film overturns the stereotypes of horror films. Strong female characterAnd how the sisters on the screen felt about the death of their predominantly unexpected character.

Devil’s sacrifice cast into a destructive horror stereotype

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