DevOps Bootcamp Launches, Lowering Barriers to Entry into Technology Roles

The Linux Foundation and the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) are working together to reduce barriers to entry into various technology roles.Through their new DevOps Bootcamp, Students can learn the knowledge and skills needed to practice DevOps in a variety of roles.

According to the Linux Foundation 2021 open source job According to the report, 88% of tech professionals use DevOps, emphasizing the importance of understanding these practices.

The Linux Foundation and CDF have designed a boot camp for existing or aspiring developers, operations professionals, engineers, or anyone involved in software development, distribution, deployment, or maintenance.

DevOps Bootcamp provides an introduction to areas such as DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). It also provides detailed information about specific DevOps toolsets such as Jenkins, and the course ends with advanced topics such as GitOps and DevSecOps.

The Foundation also noted that the program talks about certain tools like Jenkins, but is not intended to train students with those toolsets. This is because there are many DevOps tools and many organizations use a combination of tools. Therefore, it is advisable to receive specific training on these tools as needed.

In addition to classes, students have access to online forums where they can interact with other students, as well as virtual office hours with instructors four days a week.

According to the Foundation, the program can be completed in 6 months if students devote 10 to 15 hours a week.

“Implementation of continuous delivery methods varies widely from industry to industry and requires a case-by-case understanding of the unique development environment. The Linux Foundation provides high quality for software developers who want a better understanding of the status of continuous delivery. We continue to offer courses. This DevOps Bootcamp is a great way to improve your understanding and proficiency, “said Tracy Miranda, Executive Director of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. .. “By enrolling in DevOps Bootcamp within just six months, you will be better able to better evaluate and implement solutions that meet your DevOps needs.”

DevOps Bootcamp Launches, Lowering Barriers to Entry into Technology Roles

Source link DevOps Bootcamp Launches, Lowering Barriers to Entry into Technology Roles

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