Did Floyd really shout, “Did I eat too much medicine?”

Minneapolis – A lawyer for a former Minneapolis police officer who was tried for George Floyd’s death said on Wednesday when three police officers fixed him to the ground, Floyd said, “I ate too much medicine.” I tried to show that I cried.

Attorney Eric Nelson didn’t get the clear confirmation he was looking for, but he’s trying to make reasonable doubts about the prosecution’s proceedings against Derek Chauvin, so it just seeds the jury’s mind. May have been sown.

Part of his strategy to protect Chauvin from murder and manslaughter was on May 25, last year, when Chauvin, a white policeman who knelt on the neck of a black man for nine and a half minutes, took responsibility for Floyd’s death. It was to distract. Illegal drug. Autopsy found fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system.


Nelson first played a short clip with a controversial quote from another police officer’s body camera video during the testimony of Los Angeles Police Department sergeant Jody Steiger, who was an expert in the use of force by the prosecution. did. The video shows a chaotic and noisy scene when Floyd was handcuffed and lay on his stomach, yelled and moaned in pain.

“Does it sound like he says,’Did I eat too much medicine?'” Nelson asked.

“I don’t know that,” Steiger replied. Nelson drops the subject with Steiger, but plays the clip and asks the Minnesota Criminal Arrests Chief Investigator and Senior Special Agent James Rayerson again.

The agent agreed with Nelson, which seemed to be what Floyd was saying-a victory for defense.

But prosecutor Matthew Frank did not intend to support it. He made Rayerson say he hadn’t listened to the passage carefully before. After a break for regrouping, Frank played a longer clip from the same body cam video,


“I’ve heard that in context, can you see what Mr. Floyd is saying there?” Frank asked.

“I think Mr. Floyd said,’I don’t take medicine,'” Rayerson replied.

“That’s why it’s all different from what you were asked when you watched only part of the video, right?” Frank asked.

“Yes, sir,” said the agent.


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Did Floyd really shout, “Did I eat too much medicine?”

Source link Did Floyd really shout, “Did I eat too much medicine?”

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