Digital connectivity facilitates the integration of Icelandic migrants

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According to a new study published by Nordicom at Gothenburg University, Icelandic immigrants, who have frequent contact with their country of origin, are more involved in the Icelandic online community and consume more Icelandic media. However, it is not very integrated when it comes to offline activity.

With information Communication technology Allows immigrants to maintain close ties with multiple communities in ways that were not possible 10 years ago.In a new study published in a scientific journal Nordiccom ReviewResearchers look up immigrant news and social relationships media Consumption and degree of attachment and involvement in the host country.

“This study is important because the experience of immigrants has changed with the increased use of social media and other media. It shows that immigrants can be integrated locally. Online community, Even if you are not very involved in offline activities.This affects how we understand Digital connection It shapes the experience of immigrant integration in a host society, “says Lara Hoffman, a PhD candidate for sociology at the University of Akureyri and one of the researchers behind the study.

Differences between online and offline integration in Icelandic society

In general, immigrants are very happy with their life in Iceland. Social media and the use of media do not explain how migrants experience life in Iceland, but are an opportunity to strengthen their integration into Icelandic society.Survey results, on the other hand, show that migrants who make frequent online contacts with their country of origin are less likely to engage. Social activities “Invite Icelanders to your home and invite them to their home” or “participate in clubs and activities”. On the other hand, migrants with strong ties were more connected to the accepting society through media and social media than migrants who consumed less online media. Connected migrants tend to participate more in online activities, be more integrated by the digital community, and use Icelandic media more often. They practice “digital biculturalism”.

“This has implications for policymaking as it shows that the digital community is an important area of ​​integration. Therefore, the digital community can be used to reach out to new residents from abroad. increase.”

“Our findings show the importance of distinguishing between offline and online community integration in order to adequately reflect how migrants form communities and their sense of belonging to the digital age.” Hoffman says.

Women have more contact through social media

The survey also identified differences in media usage regarding gender. Women are in more frequent contact with their country of origin through: Social media However, you will consume less frequently news and current affairs programs from your country of origin.

“Gender aspects can be explained by different preferences for media use and different types of migration. Men are more likely to move for work and women are more likely to move for family reasons. “Masu,” says Hoffman.

The largest group of Icelandic immigrants is from Poland, followed by immigrants from Lithuania and the Philippines.

For LGBT + immigrants, dating apps are more than sex

For more information:
Lara Hoffmann et al, Immigrants and Communities in the Age of Digital Connections: A Survey of Media Use and Integration among Icelandic Immigrants, Nordiccom Review (2022). DOI: 10.2478 / nor-2022-0002

Quote: Immigrants from Iceland (February 22, 2022) acquired on February 22, 2022 from https: // via digital connection Easy to integrate

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Digital connectivity facilitates the integration of Icelandic migrants

Source link Digital connectivity facilitates the integration of Icelandic migrants

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