Digital Mandatory Control may be unavoidable in the Australian countryside

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Domestic violence and perpetrators of domestic violence generally use technologies such as telephones and other devices as weapons to control and contain victims and survivors, along with other forms of abuse. this “Digital forced control“You are not tied to a specific location and can track your target whenever and wherever you access your device or digital media.

for woman Outside of Australia’s urban areas, technology abuse can be at higher risk than in urban areas.In a study funded by Institute of Criminology, AustraliaWe talked 13 such women under digital mandatory control To understand what it looks like.

Annoying aspects of technology

“… you will probably see the side of the phone that you didn’t know.” [Shelly]

The women reported that the abusers used technology to harass and stalk. The majority have experienced open or secret records of image-based sexual abuse (creating and / or releasing intimate images without consent) or victims or survivors.

Some experienced doxing (disclosure of personal and identifiable information). In some cases, the perpetrator impersonated real or fake people and began contact with the female or her child. Authorized features of phones and other devices and accounts could be compromised or unauthorized features enabled.

“I think you can feel much safer if you know they aren’t nearby. They can’t hurt me. When it comes to technology, it’s possible. They can come at any time. , I think you’re more alert because you can. ”Even if you block someone, they find another way. They have always found other ways to get in touch with me. Another kind of abuse I could do — it ended at some point. ” [Kira]

Not outside the city

These behaviors Australian urban environment.. We also found that violence continued (and often increased) after separation, as in the case of cities.

However, women outside the city face higher barriers in seeking help and responding to domestic violence. Women are also at greater risk.

Domestic violence agencies with this investigation Other work.. Legal services can be limited and there is a lack of alternatives and crisis response.

Complex economic arrangements and pressures can impede the ability of women to escape violent relationships, such as where they work on farms and elsewhere. Small and medium-sized enterprises Also, there may be few employment and education opportunities in the area.

No anonymity

Many survivors talked about lack of anonymity Rural areasAs a result, they and / or their abusers are more likely to be known when disclosing and reporting violence. This can be faced especially if the perpetrator is well known and liked.

“He is well established. He knows people and loves them very much … he is in a men’s club and knows a lot of people … but I don’t.” [Fiona]

This can be exacerbated for women with family or networks outside or abroad, culturally and linguistically diverse women, criminal women, or women who are considered “different” outsiders.

As Claire explains, abusers not only actively destroy women’s social networks, but also challenge the explanation of women’s abuse and seek to gather allies. He was in and out of the store … he partnered with one of the local churches and took them to his side. “

Isolation and fear

Abuses often isolate women socially, and women in non-urban areas are often socially distant from family, friends, and support services. Urban area.. We also found that some abusers are trying to increase their geographical isolation by moving women farther away.

Technology may provide a channel for communicating with others and seeking help and support. Natalie had “a lot of friends”, so “that was my exit to a crazy situation, either by phone or because I was sending a text message.” However, some women felt that this was not always possible if the device was hijacked or monitored by an abuser.

“”[I was] I’m too scared to use it [technology].. I couldn’t reach out to people … I didn’t want to use it just in case. ” [Lola]

Fear has emerged in the description of women’s digital mandatory control. Everyone we talked to was in contact with the police.

Some had positive encounters, most commonly professionals (domestic and domestic violence Liaison officers, who are less available in many rural areas), talked more about negative encounters. A woman who was dissatisfied with the police felt that the police were denying digital mandatory control.

“Murder flag”

We believe that digital mandatory control needs attention. All threats of compulsory control, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, stalking, and killing or self-harm, Death review team..

The female we interviewed reported all these actions. The non-fatal strangulation was another “flag of murder”, reported by 46% of participants.

Firearm ownership and the threat of using firearms also represent a high risk. Ownership of firearms is common on farms and in many rural areas.

The assault can be a murder in rural areas due to the very long distance between the location of the attack and the hospital or medic.

It is imperative to recognize and address how technology is being used for survivors and the impact of technology-induced abuse on women in a variety of situations. It must also be recognized that rural women are at high risk, and that digital mandatory control provides evidence of deadly violence and can indicate risk.

Pseudonyms are used for the women quoted in this article.

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Digital Mandatory Control may be unavoidable in the Australian countryside

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