Dinosaur tails found in Chile stun scientists

A miniature model of Stegouroselengassen, a type of dinosaur discovered in Patagonia in 2018, is on display in Santiago on December 1, 2021.

Chilean paleontologists released their findings on Wednesday about a dinosaur found in Patagonia three years ago.

The remains of Stegouros elengassen were discovered during an archaeological excavation in Cyril Guido in 2018. Cyril Guido is known for its many fossil habitats. tail..

“That was the main surprise,” said Alexander Vargas, one of the paleontologists. “This structure is absolutely amazing.”

In a presentation of the discovery at the University of Chile, the researchers added, “The tail was covered with seven pairs of dermal bones … creating a weapon that was completely different from the dinosaurs we know.” I did.

The dermal bones (the structure of bone plaques in the dermis layer of the skin) are aligned on both sides of the tail and resemble large ferns.

Paleontologists have discovered 80% of the dinosaur skeleton, and it is estimated that the animal lived in the area 71 to 74.9 million years ago. It was about 2 meters long, weighed 150 kilograms (330 pounds), and was a herbivore.

According to scientists who published their research in the journal Nature, This animal may represent a previously unknown lineage of armored dinosaurs. Southern hemisphere However, it has already been confirmed in the northern part of the continent.

At Santiago de Sembe, the ruins of Stegros Ellengarssen, a new species of dinosaur found in Patagonia, are on display.

The remains of Stegros Ellengarssen, a new species of dinosaur found in Patagonia in Santiago on December 1, 2012, are on display1.

“I don’t know why the (tail) has evolved. Within the armored dinosaur group, it seems that they tend to develop their own different bone-based defense mechanisms,” said Sergiosoto, another member of the team. I am.

Located in the Las China Valley, 3,000 km (1,800 miles) south of Santiago, the Seroguid area stretches over 15 km. Outcrops of various rocks contain numerous fossils.

The findings made it possible for scientists to speculate that the United States and Antarctica today were close to each other millions of years ago.

“Because we have two armors, there is strong evidence that there is a biogeographical link between Australia and the rest of the planet, in this case Antarctica. dinosaur It’s closely related to Stegros, “Soto said.

A new dinosaur species from Chile had a unique slashing tail

For more information:
Alexander Vargas, a strange tail weapon of the transitional Ankylosaurus from subantarctic Chile, Nature (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41586-021-04147-1..

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Dinosaur tails found in Chile stun scientists

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