Direct flights save lives!New air routes can increase kidney sharing by over 7%

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It’s a supply and demand issue, a transportation issue, a donor issue, it only scratches the surface. According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, new patients are added to the organ waiting list every 9 minutes. Every day 17 people die waiting for a kidney transplant. INFORMS Journal New Research Management science We are working on the transportation part of this issue.

“Air transport limits the flexibility of organ transplants, but newer, more direct air routes increase the number of kidneys shared between regions connected by these routes,” said Tin Rondai of Johns Hopkins University. There is a possibility of increasing by more than%. ” “Operations research and analysis aims to save lives and make the kidneys more accessible to those who need them when they need them, because viable kidneys do not reach patients in time. Often wasted. “

The study “Does transport mean transplantation? The effect of new air routes on corpse kidney sharing” was conducted by Dai with Guihua Wang at the University of Texas at Dallas and Ronghuo Zheng at the University of Texas at Austin.

This study identifies how new air routes can provide the efficient air transport needed for time-sensitive qualities. kidney Perform a transplant to reduce the number of viable kidneys that are wasted because they did not reach the patient in time.

The author is analyzing US airline transport and kidney transplant datasets. They use the data to track the evolution of air routes connecting all US airports. Next, we will look at kidney transplants between donors and recipients connected at these airports.

“If the new air route could increase the amount of shared kidneys by 7.3%, how much life could be saved, transportation would make available donations to patients,” said Die, a professor at Johns’ Carrie Business School. It plays a major role in providing it. ” Hopkins. “We also found that survival after transplantation was almost unchanged. This is a step towards organ donation thanks to OR and analysis.”

How the aviation industry recovers from COVID-19 will determine who will receive an organ transplant.

For more information:
Guihua Wang et al, does transport mean transplantation? The impact of new air routes on corpse kidney sharing, Management science (2021). DOI: 10.1287 / mnsc.2021.4103

Quote: Direct flights save lives!The new air route has more than 7% of kidney shares acquired on July 13, 2021 from (7 2021) May 13) May increase

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Direct flights save lives!New air routes can increase kidney sharing by over 7%

Source link Direct flights save lives!New air routes can increase kidney sharing by over 7%

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