Director April Maxi talks about Sundance Film Festival

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April Maxi is breaking using her story A stigma that permeates sex work..This year’s debut Sundance Film Festival, jobs The story of Gabi (Maricella Zumbad), a queer Latina freelance editor, impulsively returning to her original job at a lap dance parlor and trying to overcome a terrible farewell. It is there that she reunites with her past friends and eventually finds herself again.

“I always wanted to talk about this chapter in my life.”

Given that the 13-minute film is based on Maxi’s own experience, the director didn’t have to look too far for inspiration. “I was always dancing and wanted to talk about this chapter of life that came back after parting. I was in this transitional chapter of my moving life and had to start over. It didn’t happen. “Maxey tells POPSUGAR. “And during the pandemic, I experienced another farewell, and I felt it was really important for me to spend time alone. I was just doing a lot of remorse. ”

Maxey has decided to rewrite the script to reflect the emotions he experienced during the pandemic. Her goal was to make a film about “the process of letting go of her past versions and advancing this nasty, nuanced and complex journey.” “The underlying idea is that it’s okay to be lonely, work on yourself, and find yourself again. You can find moments of peace there.” As the movie progresses, so The peace and hope is clear, but Maxi explains, “it shouldn’t be a sad ending,” especially in the final scene where Gabi is staring at the sky as the sun shines. “I hope it makes people feel a little uplifted, and perhaps people have more compassion for women who have different experiences.”

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The story of embarking on a self-discovery journey after the dissolution is an old story, jobs By shedding light on the world of underground dance parties, it sets it apart from the rest. Without any judgment, it shows that sex work is the same as any other job and that the character is people who have the same problems as others. “There are a lot of stigma around sex work, stripping, dancing, etc. There is a lot of shame around it, and I don’t think it should be,” says Maxi. “If [viewers] You can follow [Gabi] And her journey and her understanding, hopefully it will challenge people’s beliefs. “

“The underlying idea is that it’s okay to be lonely, work on yourself, and find yourself again.”

Maxy has already begun work on a feature version of the short, but she wants to hear what people think about where to take Gabi’s story next. Does Gabi now need to enter another relationship where she found herself? Or should she be alone? Personally, Maxi wants to see her single for a while. “She prioritizes herself, tries to find something that satisfies her and focuses on it. It’s a daunting journey, which may take two steps forward and one step back, but it’s very It’s human, “Maxey adds. “Riding on a dating app, you’ll feel like” No, I’m fine. ” “

In addition to functionality, Maxi wants to continue telling the story. “I always feel that I can strengthen that muscle, so I want to get more coaching opportunities this year. I feel like I’m still learning,” says Maxi. .. “I want to do a quia horror movie. It’s calling me!”

No matter what Maxey does next, she’s definitely a remarkable person.

jobs It is currently being screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival from now until January 30th.

Director April Maxi talks about Sundance Film Festival

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