Disney’s Tinkerbell character claims she was harassed by a married man at a theme park

A former Disney World actress, with her personality as a Disney princess such as Tinkerbell, revealed how she was sexually harassed by a married man.

Sarah Daniels, an actress and Twitch streamer who started working as a “cast member” at Walt Disney World in Florida When she was 16, she said in a Viral TikTok video last week that suggestions from male guests are common.

Cast members will greet and entertain guests, especially children, while continuing their masquerade, dressed to play the role of the famous Disney character at the company’s resort.

The commenter asked Daniels: In contrast to you being an attractive woman? “

Daniels replied: “This is a unique question. If a man sneaks up and attacks you, I think they will attack you, whether you are a character or not.

“But there were many moments, especially like Tinkerbell, when a man (married man) gave him the key to a hotel room and told him where he was staying.”

In a follow-up video explaining how she dealt with them, she said: So usually, if I’m having problems, you shouldn’t say no, so I divert them to my character attendant.

“Similarly, as a” face “character,” no “is not included in your vocabulary.You have to find a way Around it’No’… Usually, when you distract the character attendants, they take care of the creepy dad for you. “

On Wednesday she said, “I told me that there was a flood of men on all platforms, so the video apparently caused hostility from some. my It’s a drawback that I sexualized Tinkerbell, so Me Deserves it. “

Still, she used to say that she never broke her personality under any circumstances. “If we break, we’ll be fired, so we won’t break,” she said. “You can try as much as you can, but we have the answer to everything.”

Sexual harassment at Disney resorts is not unknown.Earlier this week, another viral video on TikTok was by a woman A man dressed as Gaston asked me to leave beauty and the Beast After improperly touching his chest..

2019, Three Disney World cast members said they were groped by guests While drawing Disney Princess Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, another who played Mickey Mouse said someone was injured by hitting her fake head hard.

Disney said it provided “multiple resources to protect the well-being of cast members,” including on-site legal police, and urged them to report issues. Repeated offenders can be permanently banned from all Disney Parks.

Daniels, 32, was previously Explained how she developed an eating disorder After a Disney World employee told her she needed to change her appearance to play The Little Mermaid at a theater show.

Disney World did not respond to requests for comment from Indiano Police Star..

Disney’s Tinkerbell character claims she was harassed by a married man at a theme park

Source link Disney’s Tinkerbell character claims she was harassed by a married man at a theme park

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