District Challenge to Florida Maskman Date Ban Begins

Tallahassee, Florida — The next challenge to ban mask mandates at public schools in Florida is currently underway.

Judge Brian Newman began listening to the discussion on Thursday 6 Florida Boards of Education, Alachua, Broward, Duval, Leon, Miami-Dade, and Orange counties are trying to overturn the ban Basic rules of the Ministry of Health In the administrative court.

With the support of the Governor, the rule requires districts to offer parental opt-outs or face financial penalties.

School lawyers said health authorities were beyond their authority and did not follow the proper protocol while creating it.

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Leon County Board of Education Rosanne Wood Talk about the fight to overturn the state health department’s rules on masks.

Plaintiffs’ lawyer, Jamie Cole, said the regulation did not meet the standards of the emergency rules and said the number of cases of COVID-19 was declining at the time.

“There was no imminent danger at that point,” Cole said. “The process they used wasn’t really a process. There was no public notice. There was no hearing. There was nothing at all.”

Leon director Rocky Hannah attended as one of the plaintiffs. Outside the courtroom, he said the case was summarized in local administration.

“We just want autonomy,” he said. “Home rule, community management to do our best for the citizens and communities here in Tallahassee and Leon County-to keep children safe and keep schools open.”

Judge Brian Newman

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Judge Brian Newman presides over the case.

State lawyers claim the rules are fair and valid.

Defendant lawyer Jason Gonzalez said the judge was at “imminent danger” and health officials could not wait 40 to 60 days for regular rulemaking.

He also said the health sector has discretion in mitigation.

“They set them apart from their parents, who have the ability to opt out,” Gonzales said. “Parents know their children best. Parents may know that the school district testified that they were not even allowed to find.”

The testimony will probably end Friday.

Newman said he was able to rule from the bench but wanted time to review all the evidence before making a decision.

The district challenge is just one of several legal efforts to lift the Maskmandate ban.

Judge of Leon Circuit Court Recently dominated It’s unconstitutional, but the state is fascinating. The process is still underway and the ban remains in effect in the meantime.

District Challenge to Florida Maskman Date Ban Begins

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