DJ Mustard suffered minor injuries after a drunk driver crashed into a car

DJ Mustard is grateful to God after leaving a car accident that was slightly injured. The Producer said A horrifying incident that happened to him over the weekend. DJ Mustard showed a photo of his total vehicle and shared his experience in his Instagram story.

“Last night, a drunk driver struck me, another car on the highway hit my car against the wall, and all the airbags that came out became my truck,” he wrote. increase.

Crash photo

The photo shared by DJ Mustard shows the front end of his black car, which looks like a Cadillac Escalade. The bumper of the car is hanging. There are terrible dents in the frame and deep scratches on the paint. The headlights have been destroyed and the car is covered with dust. But as bad as his car looks, DJ Mustard said he was able to leave successfully.

“Sh * t felt like a movie. I was able to leave with a small bruise. There were no major injuries. Thank God,” he writes.

After praising the Lord’s safety, Mustard also explained what he lost in the accident.

“Besides, my trek bike was behind me. My sh * t was broken,” he writes. “I was more angry about it than the guy in the car.”


Veterinarians in the music industry did not reveal whether insurance would cover the cost of damage to his car. Bikes also tend to be expensive and customized fitness tools. Replacement may take some time. As you may have noticed, DJ Mustard seems to take his fitness journey seriously with steady weight loss.

One of the previous DJ Mustards in the news was for him Viral Studio Rules for September 2021.. A circular photo of the rules printed on paper shows that there is no room for lawlessness in the mustard space.

“I’m even happy to breathe the same air as the 100 million Grammy-winning records that sell n **** like me,” Rule 5 said.

In addition, Mustard created rules based on appearance, good energy and atmosphere, work ethic, and how to approach him.

During this time, send healing energy to famous talents!

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DJ Mustard suffered minor injuries after a drunk driver crashed into a car

Source link DJ Mustard suffered minor injuries after a drunk driver crashed into a car

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