Do you buy your important other chocolates and roses?An explanation of the charm of American holidays

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Buy chocolates as a sign of love, get the best deals on Black Friday and wear spooky Halloween costumes. In recent years, these holidays and traditions have started in the Netherlands, even though they started on the other side of the sea. Why are we so excited about American holidays?

“These holidays and traditions are inherited because of the certain charm of the United States,” explains the specially appointed Professor Giles Scott Smith. He believes that interest in this country plays a role not only at the academic level, but also in other parts of society. “America is still very attractive to us. When you go to America, you are visiting a really important place. Perhaps its glory is slowly changing, but still apparent in the Dutch media and television, for example. is.”

Long-century relationship

The Netherlands and the United States share a great deal of history, so our attraction to the United States goes a long way. “It dates back to the Revolutionary War. Since then, there has always been a commercial connection. There has been a lot of investment over the years. Initially made primarily by the Netherlands in the United States, but in the last few dozen. On the contrary in the year ”

This old business relationship encouraged American holiday recruitment and tradition.. “Companies want the United States to be the largest in the commercial market, which means that if something succeeds in the United States, it is often exported to other countries,” says Scott Smith. “Music is a good example. Think of jazz and hip-hop. There is a constant flow from the United States to the Western world. Of course, there are new and popular musical styles in other parts of the world. K- Think of pop. Example — But America is still the main driving force. “

But it happens more naturally. For example, on holidays like Black Friday. “Black Friday is really just a commercial move. It’s like Valentine’s Day, which was originally a Christian day in honor of the Holy Martyrs. Americans are good at concentrating on happy moments, but commercial. The aspect is never far away. Show you who you love them by buying something. The American economy is based on consumption. “But he adds: .. “Of course, for us, that’s just an excuse for the party. No one misses a good party,” Scott Smith jokes.

Extreme land

He also observed another reason behind the fascinating effects of the United States. “It’s an extreme country,” says Scott Smith. “Taking Trump as an example, many people find him strange. It’s very appealing that someone like Donald Trump can be president. Something happened in America. If so, some fear that the same thing will happen five years from now. In a cultural sense, the United States is a little ahead. “

The fact that they are a little advanced has two sides: plus and minus. On the positive side, for example, the export of music and movies from Hollywood. On the other hand, he says, there are cracks in American society. “If you’re not careful, it can lead to terrible events. We haven’t reached that point yet, but we’re slowly seeing political and social rifts, such as protests against COVID-19. Is a little double-edged sword for us. It’s a very attractive country, but it also shows a future we don’t want to happen. ”

Many Americans do not consider sports to promote love for the country

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Do you buy your important other chocolates and roses?An explanation of the charm of American holidays

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