Do you have vaccine passport support?

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Almost 70% of Australians surveyed in Take the heartbeat of the nation A (TTPN) study agrees that fully vaccinated people should be granted greater freedom to access public events without restrictions, but 16-23% I disagree with the idea of ​​excluding unvaccinated people from certain activities.

Founded in 2020, TTPN surveys Australians weekly to collect information about Australians. Financial status, Their employment security, their attitude towards government policy, and their experience dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Results will be announced monthly.

In addition to attitudes towards vaccination passports, one in four Australians has the right to refuse service to unvaccinated people, according to the September survey results. I don’t believe vaccination Hesitate.

Of particular note Vaccine repellent In the construction and utilities (35%) and wholesale, transportation, postal and warehousing sectors (29%).

“Vaccination restrictions are low, it is difficult to get out of the blockage of employees, and they need to be sector-specific. Our research shows that employees hesitate to vaccinate on average in September. That’s about 18% (about 30% in February), which ranges from 35% in the construction sector to 8% in the professional, scientific and technical services sector, “said Professor Guay Lim of the University of Melbourne. I am.

“Given the current wave of infections from the construction sector, this can be of particular concern, as these workers often work between sites and can spread the virus throughout the region. “

NS Vaccine repellent trackerBiweekly data from the Take the Pulse of the Nation survey show that hesitation dropped from 20.3% on August 20th to 16.7% on September 12th across Australia.

Hesitation rates continue to decline in all states and territories, with the largest decline in Victoria from 20.2% to 14.4% in the same time frame.

“Vaccine hesitation is lowest among people aged 18-44 and 65 and older, but is stable between ages 45-64,” said Anthony Scott, a professor at the University of Melbourne. Stated.

“Interestingly, women used to tend to hesitate more than men, but now there is no gender difference. hesitation.. “

The data also show increased uptake among Australians between the ages of 18 and 44.

Most Australian parents want their children to get a COVID jab

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Do you have vaccine passport support?

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