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Ted Cruz’s political career already featured a number of surprising twists before this week’s excursion to Mexico brought him a new level of notoriety.

Senator Texas was once the biggest threat to Donald Trump, who won the 2016 presidential nomination. During the particularly bitter period of the Republican primary that year, Cruz called Trump a “coward” and a “morbid liar.” But by last month, Cruz was one of Trump’s strongest allies and the leader of the former president’s unfounded attempt to overturn the November elections.

Such a shift aims to maintain a strong position at the Republican base if Cruz runs for the White House again in 2024. But they also turned him into one of Washington’s most malicious figures. It keeps his future ambitions alive.

Cruz was further attacked on his trip to Cancun, but his members were hit by a deadly winter storm, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity and running water. His explanation — his daughters were absent from school and asked for an escape — was especially panned.

Travel optics is almost ideal. But the question is whether the political collapse will continue three years before he faces voters again.

“Ted Cruz feels the first controversy after Trump,” said Mike Bound, a New Hampshire-based Republican strategist. “I don’t think anyone knows exactly what will happen in this new reality in which we live.”

Before Trump arrived in Washington, scandals, lies, and sometimes simple but major guffs destroyed his political career.

Despite later winning parliamentary seats, former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford will be forever memorable for trekking along the Appalachian Trail. He couldn’t survive the moment of the debate stage of forgetting the third of the three federal agencies he promised to eliminate.

When Trump entered the White House, his eccentric disgust attracted so much attention that mere ugly things, such as Senators taking vacations while the state was suffering, weren’t so much noticed. ..

Cruz is currently navigating how much damage control is needed in the post-Trump political landscape.

He hurried home on Thursday and told reporters that the trip was “clearly wrong.” But he never went public on Friday, and his office didn’t answer questions about his schedule or what he was doing to help the Texans deal with the storm. .. His office has only issued a statement supporting Governor Greg Abbott’s request for federal assistance.

Still, Cruz remains the country’s largest red state’s most famous leader, much higher than Abbott, who is also mentioned as a 2024 presidential candidate, and Senator John Cornyn, who coasted for reelection last year. Has a national profile with a more comfortable margin than Cruz, who slightly overtook Democrat Beto O’Rourke in 2018.

Republican strategist and veteran of Cruz’s presidential election, Alice Stewart, said it would take years for Senators to run for re-election, president, or both in 2024. , “Even if Cruz’s political opponents continue to defeat it.

“In the Trump era and later, people have come to tolerate more,” Stewart said. Social media often intensifies political scandals, which also tend to shorten their lives.

Rick Tyler also participated in Cruz’s 2016 campaign, but has frequently criticized Senator Kowtow for Trump ever since. “Frankly, when Texas was depressed and embarrassed,” he said. Travel to the beaches of Cruz was not allowed. “This will never be forgotten.”

“Cruz is very defeated,” Tyler said of the prospect of a senator reelection, especially if he tried the White House again in the same year. “He has to make a decision. If you do one or the other, you risk losing both.”

Of course, Cruz has effectively taken advantage of being one of Washington’s most hated people in the past. He came to Congress as a conservative rebel army that infuriated both parties. He even joked to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina that he wouldn’t convict one of them for killing Cruz in his room.

In 2016, Cruz won a caucuses in Iowa, proving that his national support base was solid, and began a tense primary struggle that lasted months. At one point, Trump attacked Cruz’s wife’s appearance, unfoundedly suggesting that his father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Cruz responded with a fierce blame for Trump and was subsequently booed off stage at the Republican National Convention that year for not supporting the New Yorker.

But in the next four years, Cruz has transformed into one of Trump’s biggest champions in Congress.

Some people close to Cruz have the feeling that the senator has politically hurt himself this week, but if he chooses to run again, he’s in a good position for another White House bid. Will continue to be in. His team believes Cruz is the most popular 2024 candidate, not named Trump, among voters in the Republican primary.

Cruz was a fundraiser for Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives and the Senate until the November elections. And his own funding has skyrocketed in the months since, including after he opposed proof of President Joe Biden’s victory in early January. In particular, his small donor base, which was large in the first place, has grown dramatically, he said.

Republicans in San Antonio are “courageous” even as Cruz is asked to resign his role in helping to encourage Trump supporters who have caused a deadly rebellion in the US Capitol. Organized a rally to celebrate.

Cruz also plans to attend the influential Conservative Political Activities Council next week. There you can be even more pleased with the Republican’s most enthusiastic activists who are unlikely to oppose Cancun to him.

Cruz’s allies say that the second-place finisher in the previous Republican primary is often a candidate for the next election. But moving forward, there is an internal feeling that Cruz’s political strength is directly related to his relationship with Trump, whose emotions are difficult to measure.

Former Cruz loyalist Regina Thomson, who fought against Trump’s nomination at the 2016 Republican National Convention, has since warmed up to Trump. She said Cruz’s trip to Cancun didn’t bother her, but in the end she and other conservative activists would follow Trump’s lead.

“Today, if you ask a lot of (formerly Cruz) grassroots supporters, they’ll say they’ve done a good job that Trump wants him to run again,” Thomson said. “And if Trump doesn’t run, I think a lot of people look at him and see who he supports.”


People reported from New York.

Do you remember voters? Cruz Trip Tests Scandal Durability – NBC4 Washington

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