Do your rats have droopy ears?Check out cool ways to cool off at Walt Disney World

Now let’s get to the hot topic. Florida can bring on scorching, muggy, bug-ridden weather on summer days.

But like countless other Maus & Company fans, you walt disney world– Limited time only.

And it’s hot. It’s so hot that a Mickey-shaped ice cream bar will drip down your arm faster than you can bite off your ear. We are the Wicked Witch of the West crying out, “I’m melting!” The heat index is three-digit heat.

Admittedly, one of the coasters loses some of its sweaty shine. magic kingdom, Epcot, hollywood studios again animal kingdom. You will be hydrated, covered, and wearing sunscreen (and a cold treat).

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But if you’re in the mood for more than a few minutes of air conditioning, here are some of the best cool-down spots (aside from some frigid toilets!) in each of the four parks.

magic kingdom

presidential hall: One of the most popular but lesser-kept spots in all of WDW. In a rotunda filled with paintings and memorabilia of presidents, you’ll hear at least one person who always stops by to beat the heat. The air is just right as you enter the spacious auditorium, and the presidential parade is punctuated with brief explanations of American history. At about 25 minutes from start to finish, you won’t break a sweat after this show (and it’s a great way to kick off your feet).

Country Bears Jamboree: Sweet and sweet air.Singing animatronic bear And for the most part, this 16-minute “hillbilly hootenanny” at Grizzly Hall is uncrowded. It’s the song “Oklahoma!” As corny as Kansas in August, I declare it well worth the stop.

carousel of progress: Big and beautiful tomorrow’s earworms are waiting for you, along with a chance to relax. Join your animatronic host John (voiced by the late Gene Shepard) and his family for about 20 minutes of progress over a century. And don’t envy John’s Niagara Falls fans. not needed here.

Ye Old Christmas Shop: Even with the doors open, you’ll enjoy the breeze, the holiday spirit and cold drinks all year round. stockings. Customizable ornaments and Christmas trees seem to help keep the temperature down. And if you’re wondering how many days left to shop until Ye Olde Big Day, look for the door displaying the countdown calendar.

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Cool Blast: At the Haunted Mansion. As your Doom Buggy heads down a hallway where someone is forever trying to get out of a wooden coffin, there’s a…deadly breeze.

Hard to be a bug: Located at the root of the Tree of Life, this 3D movie has an atmosphere of life with built-in audio-animatronic action based on ‘A Bug’s Life’. It’s very comfortable here, and if you get “sprayed” with bug spray or acid sprays from termites, you’ll get a gust of wind that blows your hat off (OK, water, but bear with me). Plus, where else can you feel fake maggots, beetles, and cockroaches scurrying under your seats?

dinosaur: Cretaceous chills hiss on this dark dinosaur-chasing drive. Hang your hats and other belongings here as well. Because there is enough movement and air movement to keep the ship sailing.

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Kali River Rapids: To escape the heat, it would be hard to miss this river raft. Grab your poncho and go. Even if you don’t have a poncho and you’re soaking wet on the hills, it’s Florida. Please wait about 10 minutes. Ready to get soaking wet again.

Festival of the Lion King: A Royal Respite: 40 minutes of colorful song, dance, puppetry and glamorous drama at the Harambe Theatre, celebrating the popular story and music of The Lion King. There are a lot of people here, but I don’t feel the heat.

cool explosion: Embark on a journey on the Nabi River. I hear a lot of exclamations like “oh” and “ah” and “let’s just stand here”.

The Seas Aquarium: So it takes 20, 30 minutes to cool? At The Seas With Nemo & Friends Pavilion, you can spend hours mesmerized by manatees alone. For those of you who haven’t explored the entire pavilion, the 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium is home to over 2,000 marine creatures, from sharks to stingrays to all manner of gorgeous fish. Also, if you’re scuba certified, consider his DiveQuest adventures for a fee. There, you can see humans swimming with those creatures and waving from behind dozens of glass windows.

wonderful planet: It’s comfortable here with the effect of wind, scent and water. But it’s also cool in another important way. Narrated by Ty Burrell of “Modern Family” fame, this powerful 10-minute documentary about her is in partnership with the Disney Foundation for Conservation. A place where there are few people who want to shake off the sweltering heat and save the earth.

American Adventure Pavilion: A tour behind Epcot’s World Showcase is the perfect escape from the scorching heat. Take a seat on the marble tile floor under the rotunda of the American Adventure Pavilion. Enjoy “Voices of Liberty” in the air-conditioned air. But be careful when you stand up. Leaving a puddle of sweat on the floor makes the tiles slippery when wet (although no one really judges that).

Mexico Pavilion: It’s dark in here. And it’s cool. There’s food and drink, shopping, and even a boat ride for his tour of the Gran Fiesta like a duck starring the Three Caballeros. And the outside temperature is 95 degrees. bingo. The heat wave has also subsided.

cool explosion: Soarin’ procession. Watch other park-goers enjoy standing in the most amazing places in the hallway just before you decide your turn to arrive at the gate.

First Time Forever: Frozen Chorus Festival: How can you have this name and not be near Nippy here? As the name suggests. Let go. Sing together the story of Arendelle.And in this case it really does snow do continue.

Muppet Vision 3D: One of the underrated spots, no long lines, but great air conditioning, muppets and bubbles. lots of bubbles.Unlike the wise Statlers and Waldorfs on the balcony, you’re not pinned to your seat But you will be very relaxed, you might want to.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Train: windy winner. There is also Twister. Please listen here. seriously. They are known to fly away.

Walt Disney Presents: Disney aficionados in particular will forget the hype that squeezes into this theater and museum. For fans of the legendary mouse, there are plenty of memorabilia from the last 100 years, from sketches to costumes to toys and more. To top off the cool vibe, enjoy his 15-minute documentary titled: Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. ”

cool explosion: Entering the entrance of “Star Tours”. A gentle breeze takes you to Florida, a place far from the center of the sun.

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