Doja Cat Covers Courtney Love’s Song “Celebrity Skin”

Pop punk Is returning to the top of the music chart, Doja Catof Enter (yuh).. The 26-year-old rapper previewed her version of the song “Celebrity Skin”. Super bowl ad For the Taco Bell titled “The Grande Escape”.

Courtney love, Under the bandhole, first released “Celebrity Skin” in 1998 with the same album name. Now, 57-year-old Rocker has rewritten the lyrics in partnership with Doja Cat and Taco Bell prior to the big game. The wrapper version still has the original Y2K essence, but with a new feel.

And YouTube fans love it. “She’s a versatile queen who can really do anything. No one can do it like her and she’ll do it like her !! She’ll go down in history as a legend,” said one. I am writing. Another person added, “This song dances in the room like a girly girly Chick flick in the 2000s and makes me feel like I’m 16 years old. I love it.” rice field.

Taco Bell’s ad, acting as a pseudo-music video, shows that a group of dojacats and performers escape the clown’s college and become a “live mass” with their true self. Keep reading to listen to the song and see the Super Bowl ads.

Doja Cat Covers Courtney Love’s Song “Celebrity Skin”

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