Donald Trump launches his own social media platform “TRUTH”

After being done Banned on Twitter, Facebook, and some other social media platforms, Donald Trump created his own platform “TRUTH”. Man..

A message was posted on Trump’s website, whose mission was to “create rivals for the liberal media consortium and fight Silicon Valley’Big Tech’company, which has used unilateral power to silence American opposition. “.

Starting in November, the beta version of TRUTH will only be available by invitation. Nationwide expansion is “scheduled for the first quarter of 2022” Described in the press release..

Trump says he’s looking forward to talking with the TRUTH app.

“We live in a world where the Taliban have a big presence on Twitter, but your favorite US President is silent. This is unacceptable. I’m TRUTH Social and my first TRUTH I’m excited to send you soon, “the former president said in a press release. “TMTG was founded with a mission to give everyone a say. Immediately we started sharing our thoughts on TRUTH Social and are excited to fight Big Tech. Why doesn’t anyone stand up to Big Tech? Everyone asks me. Well, it’s coming soon! “

According to People, users can use their profiles to “express your unique personality.” The TRUTH feed also states, “It contains posts from all the users you follow, using thumbnail photos, links, and more.”

In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump said TRUTH is “a platform for everyone to express their feelings.”

If you remember, Trump was then banned from social media January 6 Riot, His supporters attacked the Parliament building.

Roomy, what do you think about this?

Donald Trump launches his own social media platform “TRUTH”

Source link Donald Trump launches his own social media platform “TRUTH”

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