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In late January, a “bomb low pressure” weather pattern is about to snow more than a foot in New York. What is the best time to look back on last year and decide what really matters a year later?

Many (if not most) of the technology conversations we had in 2021 focused on two things. Digital transformation and the speed it enables. Also, despite advances in AI and RPA (see this issue’s article), the fact that work remains for both the person doing the work and the person receiving the work.

Of course, the viruses that must not disappear are changing drastically in the world. Many organizations have allowed the remote / in-office hybrid approach to work or shut down altogether, and many workers have mental health issues due to quarantine and face mask-created quarantine. I’m suffering. Of course, there are deep and widespread divisions about the external stresses of climate change, the imminent wars in Eastern Europe, and in the United States and elsewhere, the issues that affect our daily lives.

Primarily because of these new conditions, workers are more stressful than ever just to maintain while being effective at work and able to provide valuable work to the organization.

Much of that stress comes from organizations that respond to constant beatings among media and software vendors, moving organizations faster, cranking out more features, and only go-go-go for companies to survive. The only way. This may be true for the largest organizations, but their size and influence drive the story, but many small businesses are competitive, existing processes and tools, and most importantly, I’m doing well with people. For many years. Their market isn’t changing rapidly and they don’t have to pivot and respond to every new initiative coming down from Pike.

Increasing the anxiety of workers is the fact that they are being asked to do what they are not trained to do and probably have little desire to do so. For example, developers are required to become test engineers and take responsibility for security. All of this takes time from what makes the job satisfying, such as writing code, innovating, devising and creating new approaches to problem solving. Great new feature for users. Some workers are embracing the new challenge of learning new skills. Others obviously don’t.

You also need to deal with the massive influx of new tools into your organization. With the explosive growth of tools in organizations, developers need to learn new tools in addition to everything else they need to learn. Again, coding will take longer.

Much of the technology is about tools and solutions for test automation and continuous improvement. But what we’ve heard from more than a few developers is that they feel like they’re just gears. They just can’t be comfortable because their concerns and desires weren’t heard, and their organization is moving people so much.

All of this has played a role in the so-called “mass layoff”. People are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Some people are just asking for higher rewards than before due to a shortage of technicians. Others want work meaningful and time-setting flexibility, and as more people work from home, they want a balance between work and home time.

It’s time for the industry to step back and analyze the true cost of blindly speeding up. Workers are dissatisfied, burned out and looking for a better way. Some people find it comforting to work on their projects at their own time. Others clear their heads through video games. Many are wondering if they are just corporate game pawns.

There was some awakening to these issues as I heard software companies starting to put their people on top of their process. (Where have you heard of it ??) It seems that he forgot about it in the endless battle for the top. We can implement all the tools and automation to provide wind-like software, but first and foremost are the people who come up with, create, innovate and execute ideas.

Don’t forget “people on the process”-SD Times

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