Don’t move the problem to the cloud

The cloud is typically the destination for systems that need to be modernized to take advantage of technologies such as AI, predictive analytics, and 100 other cloud services. Usually cheap and can be allocated and changed in minutes, corporate tech elites spend most of their R & D spending on the public cloud these days. Therefore, existing platforms are no longer loved.

Moving to the cloud is not a bad idea. However, the problem is that companies believe that digital enablement will somehow fix existing problems such as data disruption, application problems, inadequate security, and frequent outages due to lack of operational discipline and tools. Occurs when there is.

As applications and data move to the cloud, these issues will not be resolved. The fact that IT workers are still on the learning curve of using the public cloud results in a suboptimal system in the cloud. This means that risks and costs increase without improving applications and data. Things can get worse.

I don’t like migrating issues to the cloud. In fact, it warns people that migrating problematic data and applications has three consequences.

Security and outage.. If your data and applications are on-premises and insecure, migrating them to the cloud may not improve the situation.

With identity access control and upgraded encryption, trying to rethink security “as is” only finds analog in the cloud. Another option is to rethink and readjust the security of cloud platforms that inexperienced people are likely to make mistakes. The same applies to ops.

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Don’t move the problem to the cloud

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