Don’t wait!Christmas tree sellers say the tree is moving fast

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If you are looking for the perfect live Christmas tree, you may want to hurry up and get it now. Tree tent operators are running short and expecting more payments as prices rise by 8-10%.

WINK News has checked in to three Christmas tree sellers, including those who set up a store on Thanksgiving Day. Two of them said they are selling wood at a record pace.

Almüller, well known as Uncle Al, who owns the Uncle Al Christmas tree, said people shouldn’t wait to get it this year. “We sold about 80% of our total inventory at record speeds.”

Mueller has been selling Christmas trees for 31 years along Fort Myers’ US-41. It was said that the number of trees would increase on the way, but he said, “I think it will be sold out by this Sunday.”

While the price of Christmas trees is rising, prices are not stopping people from buying.

Bob Heath has owned a Wisconsin tree in Fort Myers for 53 years. “It’s the best we’ve ever had. We went wild last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We could hardly keep up. Now of course it slows down at the beginning of the week, This is normal, and bringing in the last three trees will increase again towards the weekend, but for 53 years I haven’t had such a weekend. “

Heath said he thinks there will be trees next week, but by the next weekend, he’ll end up selling like Uncle Al.

Al’s son Ashton has his own Christmas tree tent in Cape Coral. He said he thought he would work near Christmas. “I definitely think I have the longest tree. Only the varieties that someone might be looking for.”

He said he still has trees to sell because it’s his first year here at Cape Coral.

“I’m new at this place, that’s probably a good thing. It won’t sell out quickly and I’ll offer customers the same variety throughout the season.”

So why are trees more expensive this year? Yes, it’s a bit short, but the actual increase comes from sellers passing increased shipping charges.

Their best advice: If you really want a real tree this Christmas, don’t wait.

Don’t wait!Christmas tree sellers say the tree is moving fast

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