DoorDash announces plans to deliver alcohol

# Roommates, just before the holiday season officially begins Door dash There are ways to keep all parties and features bright! According to a recent announcement, DoorDash could please many customers by confirming that the company offers alcohol.

@Forbes Keep up with competitors DoorDash, including Postmates, Instacart and Drizly, has officially decided to participate in alcohol games. This means that popular food delivery services will allow customers to deliver alcohol directly to their homes. DoorDash also said in a press release that this new feature will be available to more than 100 million people in 20 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Australia.

However, DoorDash has made it clear that all customers must go through a “strict” identity verification process and multiple identity checkpoints “before checkout” before getting up and bringing in alcohol directly. Please note. Delivery to ensure that the customer has reached the legal age. In addition, all alcohol orders can be bundled with food orders.

Customers also have the option to choose from over 30,000 alcoholic products, including a selection of wines, beers and a variety of liquors from the collections of thousands of stores and restaurants nationwide.

Caitlin Macnamara, DoorDash’s director of alcohol strategy and operations, talked about the company’s new venture. “Over the past year, many cities in which we do business have developed legislation to allow the delivery of alcohol to residents’ homes. In the meantime, we have merchants, customers and Dashers. We have worked tirelessly to build a reliable alcohol ordering and delivery experience. “

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DoorDash announces plans to deliver alcohol

Source link DoorDash announces plans to deliver alcohol

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