Dr. Dre Pays Nicole Young $ 100 Million Divorce Settlement (Renewal)

Wow!After a long divorce battle between Dr. Dre and his ex-wife Nicole Young, The parties have reached an agreement. Nicole had the legal team work hard to secure the bag, and it looks like all their efforts have paid off.according to TMZNicole left the 24-year marriage for $ 100 million due to their property settlement agreement.

Not exactly half, but $ 100 million is a lot of money. TMZ says Dre is “happy”. Nicole gets only a small part of his property. According to reports, Dre has agreed to pay a contract that is currently split into $ 50 million and the rest will be split a year later. Dre’s estimated net worth is $ 820 million. Some may recall from previous reports that Nicole and Dre had a prenuptial agreement. So why didn’t she receive half, even though she challenged the contract?

Now that the settlement has been reached, Dre can leave the divorce by owning seven homes, including one in Malibu, two in Calabasas and four in the Los Angeles area. LA real estate includes $ 100 million worth of Brentwood real estate.

In addition, Dre acquires full rights to the interests of his master recordings, trademarks, and various partnerships and trusts. The producer also holds all Apple shares, including revenue from the sale of his company Beats by Dre. Nicole also walks away with some of her own items, including four cars splitting from the car fleet. You will receive 6 Dre.

Nicole also holds the jewelry, cash and bank accounts he had maintained during his marriage. But she is responsible for paying her legal fees, which totals millions of dollars. Roommate, do you think the reconciliation was fair?

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Dr. Dre Pays Nicole Young $ 100 Million Divorce Settlement (Renewal)

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