Draft Topic Quenting Grimes and Miles McBride May Fit Knicks Soon

Knicks has little intention of filling the roster with newcomers and enters the draft night, and even if he finally chooses four, the two who are thinking of breaking through, Quentin Grimes and Miles McBride, will do well. Arrived with a background to show that what Director Tom Thibodeau is requesting.

1 6-5 guard Grimes finished 25th overall after rebuilding himself under Kelvin Sampson at the University of Houston from a yelling recruit in Kansas. And 6-2 guard McBride, who fell to 34th place early in the second round, pointed out his practice under Bob Huggins, West Virginia, and his willingness to take on any defensive challenge.

They are newcomers, but they are Tibodo-type newcomers.

“When I got to the draft when I trained with them, I felt it was perfect,” Grimes said. “I know Coach Tibs comes from coach Sampson, a tough and hard-nose coach and a tough and hard-nose coach. He’s going to be like a match in heaven. I felt it was a thing. You, but they are making something special in New York, so I definitely wanted to be part of it. Certainly even in the finals. “

While Grimes was talking, he did so far with a game built on skill and finesse. He pointed out his shooting as a skill that would soon be reflected in the NBA.

But McBride is already a kind of warming player for NBA coaches like Thibodeau. McBride shot 41.4% across the arc last season, but Thibodeau may prefer defensive numbers. He averaged 1.9 steals per game, but was also famous for his charges and the pests he was riding.

“I definitely think my defense will take me to the floor the fastest,” McBride said. “Obviously, my offensive game has some aspects that can continue to improve. I think my offensive game is draft and one of the best as a rookie. But obviously it’s the NBA. It’s a completely different level to enter, so I think it’s a defense and playing with instinct will help me the most. “

If Knicks is now in the winning stage, McBride, a highly regarded quarterback at Cincinnati’s Moller High School, is boarded by his father, who played basketball for Xavier, and the Harlem Globetrotters.

“I feel like I have the DNA of victory,” he said. “Through high school and college, I’ve always won. The main thing I want to bring to Knicks is to win the DNA. They’ve played off this year and continue to rise. All that win In the meantime, many teams will regret not choosing me. “

Draft Topic Quenting Grimes and Miles McBride May Fit Knicks Soon

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