Drinker’s gender and brewing method can be the key to coffee raising cholesterol levels

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Drinker gender and brewing methods may be key to the link between elevated cholesterol, a known risk factor for heart disease, and coffee, suggesting a study published in an open access journal. Open heart..

Drinking espresso Was associated with the widest gender difference in Cholesterol levelResearch shows that plunger (cafetier) coffee was associated with the narrowest one.

Naturally occurring chemicals in coffee (diterpenes, cafestol, kahweol) raise blood cholesterol levels. The brewing method is influential, but it is not clear how espresso coffee can affect and how much.

Therefore, researchers wanted to compare espresso coffee to other brewing methods for adults over the age of 40 (mean age 56).

They responded to the 7th survey of the 2015-16 Tromso survey, a long-term census initiated in 1974, targeting the inhabitants of the Norwegian city of Tromso (11074 women, 11074 women). We used data from 10009 men).

Participants were asked how many cups of coffee they drank each day. All are 1-2 cups. 3–5; 6 or more (and the brewing types they drank) were filtered. Plunger (cafetière); espresso from coffee machines, pods, mocha pots and more. And instant.

Blood samples were taken and height and weight were measured. Information on potentially influential factors was also sought: smoking, drinking, Physical activityEducational background; Whether type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed.

Women drank an average of just under four cups of coffee each day, while men drank nearly five cups on average.

Analysis of the data showed that the association between coffee and serum total cholesterol varied depending on the brewing method, with significant gender differences for all brewing types of bar plunger coffee.

Drinking 3-5 glasses of espresso daily was significantly associated with an increase in serum total cholesterol, especially among men.

This consumption pattern was associated with 0.09 mmol / l higher serum cholesterol among women compared to those who drank nothing. vs 0.16 mmol / l higher among men.

Daily tabulations for 6 or more cups of plunger coffee were also associated with elevated cholesterol and were similar for both men and women: 0.30 mmol / liter higher among women. vs 0.23 mmol / l higher among men.

And drinking more than 6 cups of filtered coffee daily was associated with 0.11 mmol / l higher cholesterol among women when compared to those who did not drink filtered coffee, but among men. It wasn’t related.

Convenience coffee was associated with an increase in cholesterol in both men and women, but this did not increase in parallel with the number of cups drank when compared to those who did not choose coffee powder / granules.

Researchers point out that there was no standardized cup size used in their study. For example, Norwegians tend to drink larger espresso cups than Italians.

Different types of espresso, such as coffee machines, capsules, and mocha pots, can also contain different levels of major natural chemicals.

And there is still no clear explanation for the gender mismatch in the cholesterol response to drinking coffee, they add.

“Interestingly, coffee contains more than a thousand different phytochemicals. The intake of each compound also depends on the type of coffee, the degree of roasting, the type of brewing method, and the serving size.” They explain.

Experimental studies show cafestol and kahweol, and an increase in total cholesterolThey add that they have anti-inflammatory effects, protect the liver and reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

“This shows how coffee contains compounds that can lead to multiple mechanisms that work at the same time,” the researchers emphasize.

And they say: “Coffee is the most frequently consumed central nervous system stimulant in the world. coffeeEven small health effects can have significant health effects. ”

Drinking coffee or tea can reduce the incidence of stroke and dementia

For more information:
Relationship between espresso coffee and serum total cholesterol: Tromsø Study 2015–2016, Open heart (2022). DOI: 10.1136 / openhrt-2021-00194

Quote: Drinker’s gender and brewing method, https: // obtained on May 10, 2022 from elevated cholesterol (5 2022) May 10th) may be the key to the coffee link. html

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Drinker’s gender and brewing method can be the key to coffee raising cholesterol levels

Source link Drinker’s gender and brewing method can be the key to coffee raising cholesterol levels

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