Dry weather continues until Thursday

Southwest Florida on Tuesday morning!

Under partially cloudy skies, highs return to the late 90’s and late 80’s.Dry air from the cold front on Sunday will continue to reduce humidity levels until Thursday.Its lack of moisture also limits our chances of rain. The entire display area should be kept dry until the isolated shower returns on Thursday.In addition, there are hurricanes and three obstacles that we are tracking in the Atlantic Ocean. However, the North Atlantic is likely to stay off the coast of the United States, so we are not concerned about areas with bad weather.Hurricane sums are projected to fluctuate between Category 3 and Category 4 hurricane conditions this weekend. Thankfully, the system needs to stay at sea for the rest of its life.

Apart from Sam, we are also looking at the twin mayhem off the coast of Africa. Each of these is likely to be formed.
While it is becoming more apparent that the eastern disturbance is heading for the sea, there is still a lot of confusion with the potential course of the westward disturbance. Each of these is still very far from Florida and does not pose a * immediate * threat to us.

Reporter: Nash Rhodes

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Dry weather continues until Thursday

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