Easy Notes-Notepad, next-generation free memo app for Android

There used to be times when it was very easy to take notes. Take out a piece of paper, immerse the blades in ink and start writing. Alternatively, you can write with a pen or paper, or stick a sticky note on the entire monitor. But what if they are blown away?

Will you still need the Memo app in 2021, which is easy to write down on paper?

Traditional note-taking systems can’t find old notes, attach files, or even save documents on sticky notes. Rather, if you get random ideas, stories, thoughts, or data to hold, just take out your phone and tap the note-taking app to create and save your notes.

Well, there are just as many note-taking apps, offering different features to users. But no one has the time to try them all. please do not worry. We have come up with the best note-taking app. It’s an Easy Notes app that helps you stay organized and productive.

So get more easy notes than just a note-taking app. The best part is that you can add rich colors, change the background, and do more to customize your notes.

Start reviewing the Easy Notes app and try out its features.

“Memo everywhere.”

~ Founder, Easy Note

What is the Easy Notes app?

The Easy Notes app is one of the most useful note-taking apps created by the developers of QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes. With this easy-to-use free memo app, you can quickly create colorful notes and add backgrounds to make them more attractive and fun. This simple note-taking app is popular in this category because you can also make photo notes and voice notes.

This app works perfectly in the background and saves your words while writing. You can also create a to-do list to add rich colors to its text. Here you can choose more color options than Google Keep offers.

We have very good reviews and reviews. Today, the Easy Notes app for Windows has over 100 app installs and a 0-star average user aggregate rating point.

The app’s user interface looks like Google Keep. The Easy Notes app has gained immense popularity due to its clean and interactive interface. This app is especially popular among all other note-taking applications because you can use the built-in search function to find a specific note.

Key features of the Easy Notes app

The Easy Notes app is at the top of the list of the most efficient and productive note-taking apps on the Google Play store. It’s a free note-taking app that offers many features to help you keep things organized and productive throughout the day. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

1. Free memo app

Easy Notes app is a free memo app. The app includes a clean to-do list and a rich text editor to help you create the records you want to create right away.

Note-taking app

2. Quickly create colorful notes!

The free notes app allows you to add multiple colors to create visually stunning notes. Simply use our color-based note-taking system to create well-structured notes anytime, anywhere. You can also change the background color of your notes for a perfect look and feel, like a multi-colored sticky note.

Colorful notes

3. Take video and audio notes

You can also use this simple note-taking feature to add photos and audio to your notes. This feature is generally not available in some trending note-taking apps.

Voice memo

4. Organize cluttered notes

The Easy Notes Taker app has two clear formatting options to keep your notes secure. Notes can be sorted in two modes: list format and grid format. You can also pin the most important notes to the top of the list. In addition to this, you can easily take notes, view the status of notes, and check the status with the free memo app.

5. Automatically save notes

What if the phone accidentally hangs or shuts down? The Easy Notes online app saves your work as you write. So you don’t have to save the note every time you write it.

6. Lock the note

The Easy Notes app protects your notes with password protection. To protect your privacy, you can set a 4-digit security passcode.

Lock & Safe

7. A great theme to personalize your notebook

Need a sticky note app with a colorful notepad background? The Easy Notes app allows you to customize your notes with different themes.

8. Back up your notes with Google Drive integration

You can use your backup and restore settings to save your notes so you don’t lose them. Even if you migrate your device or uninstall it accidentally, you can restore your notes with just one tap. You can also integrate your notes with Google Drive.


9. Sort notes

The free notes app has a built-in search option to make it easier to find your notes. You can sort your notes in chronological order and organize them by color or category. You can also set a memo reminder so you don’t miss anything.

Why Easy Note?

Here are some reasons why you should use the Easy Notes app:

  • Take notes with photos and voice for free anytime, anywhere.
  • Personalize your notes with colors, backgrounds, themes and emojis.
  • Upload photos and audio recordings anywhere below your notes.
  • Automatically save notes in the background when writing.
  • Create notes quickly with colorful backgrounds, pictures, and checklists to make it easier to organize your tasks and life.

what’s new?

  • Easy-to-use memo app
  • Customize note color
  • Supports photo and text insertion
  • Make a to-do list and a shopping list
  • Make a note of your thoughts anytime, anywhere

What do you expect in the future?

“We are committed to making Easy Notes an efficient note-taking software that meets the daily needs of tens of millions of users and provides the ultimate note-taking experience for users around the world. “

~ About words shared in Easy Notes

In the future, we will continue to expand our notebook-style personalization settings to meet the needs of different audiences.


The Easy Notes app is a free note-taking app with no additional charges or in-app purchases.

Hit / Strike

Number of hits

  • Free notepad and notes for taking notes
  • Create photo memos and voice memos
  • Pin and view important notes
  • Set memo reminders
  • Sort notes in chronological order to find notes quickly
  • Organize your notes by color and category
  • Automatically save notes when writing notes
  • Share notes in different formats with a single tap
  • To do list checklist memo
  • Dark mode
  • Clear interface, easy to take notes
  • Lightweight free memo app


  • Only available on Android

Easy Notes reviews, ratings, and other additional information

Additional Information

MAD rating


Our verdict

Well, there’s nothing you don’t like with this free note-taking app. It’s a lightweight and convenient free note-taking tool that lets you stay vigilant and work like a hero. You don’t necessarily have to carry paper or remember things. Easy Notes makes it easy. Everything works so perfectly. When it comes to features, the Easy Notes app is exactly what you need.

So what’s preventing you from quickly creating colorful notes is to download Easy Notes on your smartphone and live like a pro.

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Easy Notes-Notepad, next-generation free memo app for Android

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