Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria marries fiancé Michael Xavier

The Murphy family added new members on Saturday Eddie MurphyThe eldest daughter, Bria Murphy, married her fiancé, Michael Xavier.As confirmed by peopleThe couple tied a knot in front of family and friends at a romantic ceremony at Beverly Hills.Couple’s wedding The party included Eddie and his mother Nicole Mitchell Murphy, who took her daughter to the aisle.

I don’t know exactly how long Bria and Xavier were together, but in December a 32-year-old artist and actor took a picture of her engagement. Instagram With the caption, “I can’t wait to marry you.” Xavier shared the same thing. Photo His feed has the caption “Forever My Love”.

Bria is Eddie’s eldest daughter. “Coming to America” ​​star 10 children Total: Eric (mother Paulette McNeely), Bria, Miles, Shane, Zora, Bella (all Nicole), sons Christian and Tamarahud, daughter Angel and ex-Spice Girls Melanie Brown, Izzy and Max and Paige Butcher.

Eric is currently dating Eddie’s frequent co-stars and friends Martin Lawrence’s daughter Jasmine Lawrence..He was also attending his sister’s wedding, and he celebrated her big day with a video he shared in him. Instagram story.. Eric captured a video of Bria and Xavier walking down the aisle. “Very beautiful @bria_murphy, big brother loves you very much !!”

Erik Murphy / Instagram

As for Bria, she has appeared in several films such as “Perfect Match” and “Conflict of Interest”, but her passion seems to be art. In February 2020, her parents supported her at her art show in Los Angeles, and she had the opportunity to praise her famous dad. “Strangely, I have never been embarrassed about her father,” she said. variety.. “I know a lot of kids, you know, they look at their parents,’Oh my god, they’re so embarrassed. My father, I’m him Never seen and [thought that].. So whatever he wants to talk about, I support it. “

Bria’s new husband may not be as well known as her dad, but 36 isn’t a stranger to Hollywood. Xavier is a frequent star in Hallmark Christmas movies such as “Christmas Treasure” and “Christmas Comes Twice”. He has also played a major role in shows such as “The Expanse,” “Bitten,” and “Northern Rescue.”

Given his acting background, Xavier should fit in perfectly with his wife’s famous family.

Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria marries fiancé Michael Xavier

Source link Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria marries fiancé Michael Xavier

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