Elastic and Amazon reach agreement in trademark infringement proceedings

Recently, it was announced that Elastic and Amazon have settled a trademark infringement proceeding related to the term Elasticsearch. With this solution, Elasticsearch is the only Elasticsearch on AWS and the AWS Marketplace.

This comes as a long-awaited conclusion License battle Between the two companies for Change to license Licensed ElasticSearch and Kibana in 2021. The open source license was changed to SSPL as a result. Resilient and believing customers It was misunderstood that Amazon offered the Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Amazon was profiting from the project by abusing the intent of the open source license.

Amazon then renamed Amazon Elasticsearch Service to Amazon OpenSearch Service.

With this resolution, companies want to get rid of market turmoil and provide clarity to their communities and customers.

This solution means that you will only have one Elasticsearch and it will be retrieved from Elastic. If you use Elasticsearch, whether it’s an ElasticCloud service on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, it’s provided directly by the person who created the product.

According to Elastic, in the future, we plan to enhance collaboration with Amazon to make it even easier to use the shared customer base that uses Elastic on AWS. Elastic is already benefiting from recent investment partnerships aimed at streamlining data ingestion and facilitating onboarding to Elastic Cloud on AWS.

In addition, Elastic has announced over 20 new integrations to streamline data ingestion into Elastic.These include: AWS FireLens, Amazon S3 storage lens, Elastic Serverless forwarder In the AWS serverless application repository, Elastic and AWS Web Application FirewallAnd that Elastic and AWS network firewalls..

Elastic Cloud AWSISV Workload Migration Program.. This works to support your migration to Elastic Cloud on AWS and enables Elastic to use onboarding guidance and migration resources to simplify the migration process.

Elastic and Amazon reach agreement in trademark infringement proceedings

Source link Elastic and Amazon reach agreement in trademark infringement proceedings

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