Election Commissioner Duvall scrambles to prepare for the spring election as the city challenges a judge’s ballot map decision

jacksonville, florida – The City of Jacksonville’s decision to appeal a judge-approved redistricting map could affect the city’s elections in March, prompting the Duval County Election Commission to It’s unclear.

Jacksonville City Council members decided Thursday to file a notice of appeal in a closed-door meeting We have filed a federal lawsuit to challenge a judge’s decision that could change the political landscape of the city.

judge on monday made a decision against the map approved by the city council Instead, a map submitted by civil rights groups was chosen to divide the council boundaries and traditionally open black neighborhoods.

Decisions to appeal are likely to result in lengthy legal battles, pre-election deadlines that must be met, and lack of precise information as yet about which boundaries will be used, so election office Supervisors face a dilemma. .

There is a deadline next month to decide if and where candidates will run for election. Another concern is the need to inform voters which constituencies they belong to and which constituencies they are eligible to vote for.

🔒Insider Interactive Map: See how Jacksonville’s council district changes under a new map

News4JAX spoke with Hogan, who said he has yet to meet with city attorneys to determine his next move.

His office is now changing the boundaries of the election following a federal judge’s ruling.

It was the consensus of city council members to appeal, but not all agreed that an appeal was the best course of action.

“I think that’s a mistake. My personal opinion is the plaintiffs’ map. Like it or not, the plaintiffs’ map shows that the black community has representation in Duvall County and the city council in Jacksonville.” We will provide an opportunity to do just that and move forward,” said City Councilman Matt Carlucci.

Thursday’s appeal decision came two days after Jacksonville City Council Chairman Terrance Freeman told News4JAX: he doesn’t want the fight to drag on.

“We have so many voters in our city and people we look forward to serving. I did, Freeman said on Thursday.

The appeal will be filed in the United States Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta, for the 11th Circuit.

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