England faces a long blockade as the new virus strain is “out of control”

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The British health minister warned on Sunday that the new strain of coronavirus was “out of control” and could continue to impose strict blockades on London and southeast England for months.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that millions of people had to cancel their Christmas plans and stay home from Sunday morning as new stocks spread so much faster.

Health Minister Matt Hancock warned that rigorous measures affecting nearly one-third of the UK’s population could be implemented until the virus vaccine is fully deployed.

“We acted very quickly and decisively,” Hancock told Sky News, justifying the “curfew”, banning family gatherings at Christmas and closing unimportant stores.

“Unfortunately, the new strain was out of control. We need to put it under control.”

About 16.4 million people have participated in the toughest “Tier 4” measures since Sunday. That’s 31 percent of the UK population.

They are not allowed to hold family gatherings for Christmas, but in other parts of the country, a limited number of households mix only on Christmas day instead of the originally proposed five days. You are allowed to do so.

Hancock said the situation was “fatally serious.”

“It will be very difficult to keep it under control until the vaccine is deployed, which we will face over the next few months,” he added.

The UK Health Minister said he hopes to get 500,000 vaccinations over the weekend.

The Metropolitan Police said it would take action against those who “make reckless decisions that endanger their lives.”

Other UK regions have similarly strengthened their antivirus protection.

Wales introduced a strict blockade on Sunday and announced that Scotland would ban round-trip travel to other British regions for Christmas and double the presence of police along the British border.

Both Scotland and Northern Ireland will enter a new blockade on December 26th. Northern Ireland planned to introduce additional measures on Sunday.

Scientists first discovered a new variant of the patient in September, Susan Hopkins of the British Public Health Service told Sky News.

She said scientists in November discovered that the new stock was behind a series of incidents in Kent, which spread to London and Essex and notified the government on December 11.

The UK Public Health Service then notified the government again on Friday, she said, and modeling revealed the full seriousness of the new strain.

She confirmed the numbers given by Johnson, saying that this is the first number, but the new virus strain may be more contagious than 70 percent.

“At this point, I think 70% looks like a good number to land,” she said.

The virus has been found in all parts of the United Kingdom, but only a few, according to Hopkins.

Cases have also been confirmed in Australia and Europe, Hancock said.

Patrick Valence, the government’s chief scientific adviser, said on Saturday that the new strain contains 23 differences, including how the virus binds to and invades human cells.

Simon Clark, an associate professor of cell microbiology at the University of Reading, told AFP that mutations sprinkle the virus and affect the “peplomer” that is the target of the vaccine.

“Looking at the changes these mutations make to the spike protein that is the target of the vaccine, I don’t think it’s enough to change the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan told Sky News that London currently has the same number of inpatients with the virus as it did during the peak of the first wave of April. He said the number of cases increased rapidly between the ages of 10 and 19.

PM “scary”

The serious situation sparked widespread criticism of the prime minister, who promised not to “cancel Christmas” last week.

“The little wasn’t understood about this mutant virus, but the uncertainty should have been enough to understand that it was time for PM to stop Christmas,” Sunday Mirror wrote weekly. I will.

Opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer has accused Johnson of being afraid to make unpopular decisions.

Oxford Street in London is usually full of Christmas shoppers, but on Sunday it was a little crowded place.

Some passers-by said they supported the measure.

“I had to do that before, and making a savage promise didn’t help the situation at all,” said 59-year-old David, who works for insurance.

But 32-year-old service industry worker Richard Charles said the move was in a hurry.

“It shouldn’t be a diktat that happens overnight,” he said.

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England faces a long blockade as the new virus strain is “out of control”

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