Environmentally friendly methods are promising for controlling catastrophic potato disease

Author Ramesh R. Vetukuri and plants. Credits: Pruthvi B. Kalyandurg, Poorva Sundararajan, Mukesh Dubey, Farideh Ghadamgahi, Muhammad Awais Zahid, Stephen C. Whisson, Ramesh R. Vetukuri

A plague caused by something like a fungus Phytophthora infestans, Is one of the most devastating diseases affecting potato and tomato crops, and the most famous was the cause of the infamous Irish potato famine. Despite years of research, powerful fungicide sprays continue to be the only effective way to control pathogens, as they are so powerful in overcoming plant resistance. Due to the environmental issues associated with this practice, researchers continue to look for alternative control methods.

One of the possible alternatives is injectionInducible gene silencing to control pathogens. This method was created using double-stranded RNA, which is known to trigger the process of removing similar molecules from recipient cells.Researchers sprayed double-stranded RNA on infected potato leaves Potato plague fungus Found a clear decrease in PlagueShows that gene silencing by spray successfully suppressed the onset of the disease.

“For the first time, we have shown that gene silencing with spray can control the plague,” said Ramesh Betucli, a phytopathologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences who was involved in the study. “Our research is also the first to show that. Potato plague fungus The sporangium can take up dsRNA from the surroundings and effectively suppress the expression of the target gene. “

In addition, this method is not labor-intensive and can be applied to most pathogens, so it has the potential to control many pathogens in an environmentally friendly manner. “By using spray gene silencing to control the disease, we hope to reduce the amount of chemical pesticides used. This technology can quickly adapt to new targets,” Vetukuri said. I added.

A new resistance gene to the devastating potato disease that caused famine in Ireland

For more information:
Pruthvi B. Kalyandurg et al, spray-induced gene silencing as a potential tool for controlling potato plague, Plant Pathology ® (2021). DOI: 10.1094 / PHYTO-02-21-0054-SC

Courtesy of the American Society of Plant Pathology

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Environmentally friendly methods are promising for controlling catastrophic potato disease

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