Erica Mena calls Safari’s recent apology a “lie”

Better than being late!last year Erica Mena And while safari’s relationship has turned to the worst and some say “time heals all wounds,” Erica doesn’t seem to have overcome problems that have occurred in the past. please remember. Her estranged couple dealt with the alleged flirtation fight on social media, and Erica dealt alone with her second child, Legacy.

Not to mention the drama spilling over into television, viewers continued to watch television in “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Following an apology for a recent episode of VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop: Family Reunion,” Erica again summons her estranged husband and informs people that he’s not the man in his words. increase. The emotional safari sat next to Erica and was responsible for his actions. “As you know, I’m sorry to put us in a situation where we have to doubt our trust,” he said.

“I am fully accountable,” Safaree said. He continued. “I apologize for how I treated you during your pregnancy. That wasn’t right. There’s no excuse.” Erica followed up and she wondered why she decided to apologize now. I asked. Safaree immediately replied, “I just want to get better, I want to get better for my family.”

Safari’s words were a little touching, but Erica didn’t buy it at all. She stepped into the shade room and left a comment: Everyone, that was a lie. Alll ALIE again. Reality Star added: Everything in 2022 was happy and healed. My three children and I are grateful for the new chapter. “

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Erica Mena calls Safari’s recent apology a “lie”

Source link Erica Mena calls Safari’s recent apology a “lie”

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