EU-UK trade negotiations vie for fish as deadline approaches

Brussels – Deep in the important weekend of negotiations, fishery rights breakthroughs remained elusive for the European Union and Britain, and there were no trade agreements to blunt the chaotic and costly economic break on New Year’s Day. ..

With hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake across the economy, a small sector of the fishery continues to move the wedge between Brock and Britain in 27 countries, highlighting the hostility that has driven Brexit’s divorce over the past four years. I made it. The UK left the block in January, but the 11-month economic transition period ends on December 31st.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said on Sunday that the EU “continues to make demands that are incompatible with our independence.” We cannot accept transactions that do not allow us to control our laws or waters. ”

The near-mythical sense of Britain’s right to dominate the wave was an essential part of what led Brexiteers to victory in the 2016 referendum. Johnson is currently striving to return as much of the shared British waters as possible only to British vessels.

The EU has always claimed that these bodies of water have been shared for decades, if not centuries, and if too many fishing rights are deprived, they will become the mainland market essential for British seafood. It claims that it will punish Britain for imposing large import fees. industry.

The stalemate did not decisive overall negotiations with both companies in search of deals that would save tens of billions of costs. Johnson, however, was unable to sprout.

“We need to make every deal right, based on conditions that respect what the British people have voted for,” his office said.

The EU Parliament needs to approve the transaction by the end of the year and has set a deadline for Sunday night so that the transaction can be roughly reviewed and approved before New Year’s Day. However, the negotiators seemed little impressed by yet another deadline, as many had already missed during the four-year departure process.

One EU coastal official said the EU has refused to generate more than a quarter of its catch quota as Britain regains full control of its body of water through Brexit. The UK is also convinced that the EU wants at least 6 years, while the transition period of 3 years is long enough for EU fishermen to adapt to the new rules.

The talks were still ongoing, so the official spoke on condition of anonymity.

If the UK does not reach a post-EU agreement, the UK-EU border will be further disrupted in early 2021 and new tariffs will be added to other obstacles to trade established by both sides. Negotiations have been stalled on two major issues over the past few days: the EU’s access to UK fishing waters and ensuring fair competition between businesses.

Trade agreements guarantee that there are no tariffs and quotas on the trade of goods between the two countries, but there are still technical costs associated with the non-tariff barriers of customs inspections and services.

Both sides will suffer financially from failure to secure trade agreements, but most economists say the UK economy will be more hit, at least in the short term, as it is relatively dependent on trade with the EU. thinking.


Jill Laures contributed from London.


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EU-UK trade negotiations vie for fish as deadline approaches

Source link EU-UK trade negotiations vie for fish as deadline approaches

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