EU Watchdog reviews Pfizer vaccine for Omicron

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European drug Watchdog said Wednesday that it began reviewing an adaptive version of Pfizer / BioNTech’s anti-COVID jab to enhance protection from certain variants of the virus, including Omicron.

“As Company EMA receives more as the development of adaptive vaccines progresses dataIncludes data about, Immune response Data on the vaccine and its efficacy against the Omicron subvariant. “

“By initiating a rolling review, the EMA will be able to evaluate these data as they become available,” said the Amsterdam-based agency.

But it emphasized the details about adaptation vaccination “For example, it has not yet been defined whether it specifically targets one or more COVID variants.”

EMA’s rolling review will continue until sufficient data is available for a formal application to sell the drug within the block of 27 countries, EMA said.

Concerns about the resurgence of coronaviruses, especially the BA.4 and BA.5 variants, are increasing, including in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, where infection levels have risen to their highest levels in three months.

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EU Watchdog reviews Pfizer vaccine for Omicron

Source link EU Watchdog reviews Pfizer vaccine for Omicron

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