Euphoria: An explanation of the relationship between Ali and his children

We are all rooting for Rue, but she’s a little Difficult to love of Euphoriaof Second season.. In the Sunday episode, Rue (Zendaya) Treat her Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) like garbage. He is the only one who really knows who she is and is stuck in her through all her recurrences. In episode 3, Lou left the NA meeting and persuaded her with a $ 10,000 drug-filled suitcase. Supplier of Fezco (Angus Cloud), Raleigh (Minka Kelly), she sells with other underage dealers. Ali can feel something happening and Lou just tells her they are textbooks.

“Don’t pull that sh * t with me. I always accepted you about who you are. Good, bad, and ugly. I treat you like sh * t It’s not just a parent who can do it. “Alilou says he’s trying to overtake him. Lou gives a low blow when he argues, “Well, it’s good that no one expects you to be a parent.” Her sponsor warns her that they have been completed if she re-uses his past or says another rude thing to him. Lou continues, “Or Ali? Are you going to hit me?” Uhu.

Scene between Rue and Ali’s piggyback EuphoriaFirst special episode of, Released in December 2020. In that episode, Ali meets her in the cafeteria shortly after her recurrence and shares his history of recurrence and redemption. One of his most difficult stories is the fact that he has a tense relationship with his two daughters as a result of hitting his mother while he was growing up. He was even more stunned when he called one of them on Christmas Eve and they answered. In other words, Lou was unknowingly redoing Ali.

Domingo talks about the recent battle between his character and Zendaya Interview with an insider.. “He understands she’s high, but doesn’t know her addiction level and spiral until she hits his face, where she breaks the bond and the faith they had with each other. Shatter. Established in the episode of the bridge. Despite the coldness of the scene, Domingo told the outlet, “I think he still has room for redemption with Lou in his heart and in his heart.” Told. I hope Rue apologizes and regains her respect for Ali.

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Euphoria: An explanation of the relationship between Ali and his children

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