Euphoria Eric Dane plays the bad guy

Eric Dane Currently, he’s a bad guy in two productions — and he’s good at it. If you’re using Twitter, you know Dane’s character. Karl Jacobs, upon Euphoria teeth Public Enemy Number One..And if you get to the cinema right away, you too Duke hates his character, of Redeem love.. Both roles of Dane require men to overcompensate for masculineness in a way that corrupts and punishes women. In real life, he’s pretty funny and carefree. Pop Sugar told Dane about taking on the dark characters and having compassion for them.

“It’s so much fun to play the bad guys. You can do all these really mischievous kinds of moral and evil things. [things and] You don’t have to explore these actions and deal with real-world consequences, “Dane said with a laugh,” Oh, bad things are fun. “

As related to Redeem loveThe 49-year-old actor plays a pedophile who raises a young girl into prostitution. “In this particular movie, [Duke] I’m a bad guy. He is a bad guy. He is a rotten person. .. .. I was a little repulsive to the character, obviously not the story, but the character and the context of the story, and who he was. And I tried everything I couldn’t do, “he admitted, adding that he eventually took on that role because he loved the director DJ Caruso and the rest of the cast.

“I think this character was drunk by his own power, and it was his demise after all.”

“I think this character got drunk on his own and ended up in his death. He felt like a dalit. He felt like he ran some kind of town. And it bites him. It was decided. The end. “

When it comes to bad guys, Dane likes “adversaries” and says he adds depth to the character. “I also like to throw away the misunderstood words,” he says. “”Euphoria A completely different wax ball. I think Cal is a little. .. .. He’s a little more complicated than that. ” Euphoria Episode 3 details the back story of his character. Cal is unlikely today, but due to his sexuality restraint and rigorous upbringing, he repeated this cycle. Can you understand more calories? Yes. Do I sympathize with him? Let’s not go that far.

Euphoria Eric Dane plays the bad guy

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