Euphoria fans use Barbie dolls to recreate the show scene

Countless Euphoria Fans have Imitated the character’s racy costume When Glitter make-up on TikTokHowever, there is one super fan in his own league, dressing up dolls to meticulously recreate the popular scenes of the HBO series. If you haven’t encountered the latter yet, let me introduce you to your new favorite Instagram account. @Euphoriaddicted.. Swedish creators want to be anonymous, but have detailed to POPSUGAR about an ongoing DIY project that is steadily gaining popularity on social media.

“I fell in love with the aesthetics of the series.”

Like many who saw the show, the founders of @ Euphoriaddicted were immediately hooked when they debuted in 2019. “I loved it from the first episode,” he said. “Besides the story and the amazing characters, I fell in love with the aesthetics of the series. It’s pretty grainy and dark, so I’m recreating the scene with Barbie, which is usually used in much lighter and more playful situations. I think it’s cool. “

He uses the kitchen as a workshop, spot-sews mini-replicas of costumes, collects small props created or collected at the flea market, and places the dolls in “a memorable scene in close contact with the viewer.”For season 1, this is Halloween party, Jules and Lou’s first oversleep, East Highlands’ winter formal, and Carnival’s Chilean cooking contest, Maddy turns his head.So far EuphoriaSecond season, He worked on Kathy hiding in the tub, Fezco preparing to fight Nate on New Year’s Eve, And even the newcomer Faye is pushed into the air conditioner vents. The accuracy and attention to detail in each piece is not impressive.

In the light of EuphoriaThis month’s long-awaited return, @ Euphoriaddicted is attracting a new wave of followers, but some are loyal fans from the beginning. Both Maude Apatow (Lexie) and Alanna Ubach (Suze) double-tap a photo of his season 1 masterpiece, Sydney Sweeney (Cassie) I once reposted a snap to her Instagram story. In addition, costume designer Heidi Vivens and show creator Sam Levinson have given the project a sign of approval, which proves to be legal.

If it’s not clear enough yet, you’ll need to follow @ Euphoriaddicted, but in case you need more inspiration, we’re spotlighting a reproduction of your favorite scene.The fingers he undertakes crossed Kathy’s fake baby bump also Ashtray Pistol-Whipped Cal Jacobs Next!

Euphoria fans use Barbie dolls to recreate the show scene

Source link Euphoria fans use Barbie dolls to recreate the show scene

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