Euphoria: How long was Lou at Raleigh’s house?theory

Rue’s (Zendaya) Season 2, Episode 5 “Euphoria, “Know that you are not alone.Not only did her substance abuse disorder catch up with her again, she Put yourself in an increasingly scary situation.. It’s all about Jules (Hunter Schafer) telling Lou’s mother (Nika King) that she’s using it again, sending Lou to the meltdown, from Leslie and Zia to Jules and even Elliott on her way. It starts with seeing a clash with everyone. Her mom flushed all the medicine she received from Raleigh (Martha Kelly) to the bathroom and left her in a terrible place where she couldn’t repay Lou to Raleigh, get back the next fix, or avoid withdrawal. I did. Lou desperately goes to Raleigh, hoping to reconcile with her, but some of the details of her visit are ambiguous.

What happened to Lou at Raleigh’s houseEuphoria“Season 2, Episode 5?

After stealing $ 2,000 in some jewels and cash to give to Raleigh, Lou appears in her apartment and tries to repay some of her. but, Very stoic and cold lorry She is not a pawnshop and tells her that $ 10,000 Lou needs to pay her in cash. Then she eerily tells Lou, fortunately for women, that they always have their bodies to sell for money.

When Lou is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, Laurie tells her that she has morphine if she so desires. Raleigh takes Lou in the bath and pierces her arm with a needle to give her morphine. She poked her many times and sent her Rue to the pitch-black haze. Lou later woke up in one of Raleigh’s rooms in her new outfit, she ran away from the house, and she found all her doors bolted. In the end, Lou relies on sneaking through Raleigh’s room and jumping out of her upstairs bathroom window, the only unlocked window in her house.

Rue seems to have only stayed overnight at Laurie’s, but it’s unclear if that is the case.

How long was Lou in Raleigh’s apartment in “Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 5?

One fan theory gaining momentum with TikTok’s claim Rue was at Laurie’s for a few days, As evidenced by the number of old track marks on her arm. This theory also speculates that Raleigh probably trafficked Lou while taking the drug. After all, when Lou fell asleep or was away from her sleep, Laurie eerily said that when Lou met her, she knew that Lou had been in her life for a long time. Says.

This theory is convincing, but commenters point out that when Lou returns home after escaping Raleigh’s house, her mother wears the same clothes as when Lou escaped. It’s not impossible for a worried mom to stay out of clothes for a few days, but I still feel unlikely in this case. Other commenters also pointed out that at the After Show on “Euphoria” at HBO Max, Lou specifically stated that he had returned home the next day.

For those track marks, Raleigh was shown to pierce Lou many times. That’s probably why she has some marks and bruises on her arm when she wakes up.

Given that Lou is still borrowing $ 8,000, this isn’t the last time Lou has met Raleigh. Raleigh is undoubtedly a terrifying drug dealer and doesn’t easily afflict her with anyone. As Lou continues her downward spiral, I don’t know what she will oppose next.

Euphoria: How long was Lou at Raleigh’s house?theory

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