Euphoria: Is Faye going to betray Fezco?

Faye (Chloe Cherry) has always been a mystery. “Euphoria“Season 2. She Slump in Fezco (Angus Cloud) And since the beginning of the season, the ashtray (Javon Walton) has almost kept himself protected. However, her extended presence is becoming more and more premonition as the episode passes. After all, she must be here for a reason, and she frankly begins to worry about what the reason is. In this week’s episode, Faye’s drug-trading boyfriend Custer (Tyler Chase) appears and doesn’t share that great news about Fez and Ash with her. The big question is what Faye will do with that information.

Why does Faye stay in Fez?

At the start of Season 2, Faye pushes her and Custer’s motel manager out of the balcony. Therefore, Custer stuffs her into her vents before taking her to Fez to avoid her police. Viewers initially understand why she and Custer stayed at Fez at face value, but on a recent secret visit from Custer, fans aren’t making any ominous plans for him. I doubt it.

Why did Custer secretly visit Faye?

Faye is throwing trash as Custer raises a flag for her in a dark alley. The ashtray happened to have to go to the bathroom at this exact moment and missed Faye, who slipped into the alley of Fez’s complex security system.Going out into the alley, Custer tells Faye that a policeman is in contact with him. Mouse death (ashtray is in charge)And Faye seems worried at first glance and asks him if he is cooperating with them.

Custer admits to working slightly with the police after arguing and arguing about it, but claims they had already targeted Fez and the ashtray (although to his rough attitude). Based on that, his words are not exactly reliable). Fay, a little vaguely wet in the rain, returns home just as Ash returns from the bathroom. The ashtray is worried about Faye’s appearance, but doesn’t ask any questions. So Faye doesn’t say anything about what he knows.


Is Faye going to betray Fez and the ashtray?

The preview of Episode 7 shows that the audience seats for the Lexi (Maude Apatow) play are vacant. This seems to be aimed at Fez, which means something is blocking his participation.

If Faye pledges allegiance to Fez and Ash, she tells them what Custer said to her so they know that the cops are above them. Faye approaches Fez and she seems to be grateful for his hospitality (does she remember her smile when she served the sandwich?), But because of her substance abuse disorder, She keeps a distance from everyone in her life. So, if she has loyalty to someone, it may be in her drug dealer, also known as Custer.She seems to have a bit of a bitter taste The growing relationship between Fez and Lexi Faye is based on a protracted look that leads their way while they watch “Stand by Me.”This is the reason Some Reddit viewers are worried she won’t Talk to Fez and Ash, and Fez will eventually be arrested.

But Redditors wants to talk to Fez and Ash about what she knows before Faye is too late. Despite her substance abuse disorder Fay seems to understand that Fez and the ashtray opened her house. She seems really uncomfortable when she needs it, and when she finds out that Custer is cooperating with the police, so perhaps she’s doing the right thing and being on Fez’s side.

Faye is certainly a little suspicious, but we want her to do it right next to Fez and the ashtray.

Euphoria: Is Faye going to betray Fezco?

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