Euphoria: Is Nate in love with Jules?The clues you missed

Season 3, Episode 3 Euphoria, It was finally revealed Cal ((((Eric Dane) His son, Nate (Jacob Elordi), “I’m in love” with Jules (Hunter Schafer). Well, technically Fezco (Angus Cloud) said Nate was in love with “Jewel”, but you understand the point.To some people Euphoria Fans, this may have been a shock. Nate seems to be moving forward, especially considering the feelings she had for Jules in Season 1. His new fixation to Kathy (Sydney Sweeney) Introduced in Season 2. Can Fez ride something? Does Nate really have a protracted feeling for Jules? Well, Season 3 had an essential clue. Episode 2 shows that his new love affair with Kathy could actually be a misguided feeling for Jules.

Was Nate’s fantasy about Kathy really about Jules?

Rue (Zendaya) Nate explained to Kathy why she was “in love”. A trippy compilation of Kathy and Nate having sex is displayed on the screen. But less noticeable was a clip of Jules taking a nude photo of her. Jules’ selfie is like a callback when Nate catfished Jules as a nice guy “Tyler” in Season 1. Jules sent nude photos to anyone who thought she could be her future boyfriend.

What does Nate’s fantasy about Jules mean?

When Nate catfishes Jules throughout Season 1, it’s unclear if he’s partly genuine or if he’s purely trying to get a photo from Jules and threaten her. She and his dad had sex (via a videotape secretly taken by his dad)), But Jules’ flash of his vision suggests that he has protracted emotions.


In fact, when he thinks about the features that his “dream girl” Nate lists when he’s daydreaming about Kathy, Jules fits the explanation (and given that Nate knows little about Kathy, Definitely fits it well): Jules is also “intuitive,” “sensitive and emotional,” and “strong and powerful woman.” Then, when Nate begins to grab in the hospital bed and thinks about his life up to that point, Jules appears several times in a sexual position with Maddy and Kathy.

Why can’t Nate accept his feelings for Jules?

So why is Nate pursuing Kathy instead of Jules? Well, we can start with his explicit transphobia. Nate continued to bully her by threatening Jules when she first met in Season 1, cat-fishing her, threatening her with violence and revenge pornography, and becoming physically aggressive. However, the way Nate’s sexuality and transphobia collide is not so clear. He is attracted to Jules, but he cannot accept that he is attracted to transgender women. His obsession with toxic masculinity and dominating a cisgender female (see Caring for her virginity, obsessed with a hairless female) is her in a way he cannot accept. Threatened by. Perhaps what scares him is not only that Jules is transgender, but also that he doesn’t seek verification from men, not specifically from Nate.


But Kathy represents the ideal of a woman he’s used to — she’s cisgender and obedient to him (because he’s manipulating her anxiety). It’s possible that Nate is choosing Kathy to “replace” Jules without breaking down his own thoughts on sexuality and gender. In addition, this could explain Nate’s obsession with being pregnant.

Of course, this is blatantly transphobia and is simply ruined. Whether or not her Nate is secretly obsessed with her, Jules deserves someone to accept and love who she is (and for her record, so does Kathy). !!

Euphoria: Is Nate in love with Jules?The clues you missed

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