Euphoria: Nate’s sticking to Kathy is problematic and not cute

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Euphoria Season 2 Giving us everything: Incredible looks, Back story of the character we were dying in Season 1, Killer soundtrackAnd, of course, a lot of dramas. All the characters we love (and love to hate) are back and more chaotic than ever. But one of the most amazing twists, in episode 2, Rue (Zendaya) I will clarify that Beat Up Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) “I’m in love” with Kathy (Sydney Sweeney) Following the connection to the bathroom on New Year’s Eve.This love triangle pins best friends Kathy and Maddy (Alexa Demie) Oppose each other to get Nate’s attention.

I was surprised to see many of them Euphoria Fans ship Nate and Kathy as a couple, given Nate’s history as an abuser.Given the EuphoriaTendency Intentionally tackle difficult problems, I believe that their decision on the relationship between Kathy and Nate is deliberately made in a way that does not give Nate a redemption arc. Still, as a viewer, I have to criticize Nate’s new sticking to Kathy, and I’m nervous to see where it goes. Both Maddy and Kathy deserve much better!Here’s a list of all the reasons Nate sticks to Kathy (do you like it?) — And her status is His ex-best friend Not even number one.

1. Nate projects her problem to a woman rather than seeing it internally

In the narration, Lou revealed that Nate admitted that he had problems, but “the reason he had these problems was because Maddy caused the worst of him. Maybe, she would have brought out the best of him. “

In Nate’s Season 1 backstory, his “problems” (the toxic masculinity he was raised in, his complex relationship with his father, and, to name a few, his need for strong control) are Maddy. It begins to develop long before you meet. Even though his toxic relationship with Maddy has a negative impact on Nate’s life, his flaws are still his own, not the fault of external sources. By blaming Maddy, Nate eradicates her own shortcomings. This is especially terrible given that his behavior is a major factor in the toxic nature of their relationship (remember that he is physically and emotionally abusive to her). give me). While blaming a woman for his problems is lazy and sexist, his idea that dating another girl magically brings out his “best” is an obvious delusion. Nate is better off looking inside than moving to the next girl and “fixing” him (Nate, therapy, please).

2. His fantasy is based on Kathy’s ideas, not who she really is

We know that Nate doesn’t know Kathy very well — and he doesn’t seem to want to know either. Nate’s fantasy doesn’t show much that Kathy is her, but rather shows that she and Nate are having sex.It’s obviously great to daydream about sex with someone you have emotions in, but it seems to be based on Nate’s idea of ​​”loving” Kathy. Alone About sex. Moreover, when Kathy is not in his fantasy sexual position, She is pregnant Quiet and talked minimally around Nate and his father.

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3. Nate’s monologue is filled with racist microaggression

Why is he convinced that Kathy is his dream girl when Nate has already established that she doesn’t know Kathy so well? Not so many, except that she is different from Maddy. Kathy is white and Maddy is Latina... Kathy is verbal and Maddy is verbal.

Nate seems to implicitly believe that Kathy is sweet, pure and innocent. Therefore, a woman like her will make him “better”. Nate blames the woman for his problems, but he projects an image of innocence and innocence on white, blonde, blue-eyed, and soft-toned Kathy, a frank and confident Latina, Maddy. “The choice and cause of his problem, which he describes as” bad, “is also the keynote of racists.

4. Nate is still romantically involved with him

Nate sent Maddy a loving text after the battle with Fez (and after the hookup between him and Kathy). Whether it’s just getting his dad’s tape, or whether he still has a feeling for Maddy, Nate seems to be trying to keep Maddy for the rest of his life, which isn’t in line with his desire to build a relationship with Kathy. Hmm. His secret communication with both girls allows him to control the situation. Because he knows how each one feels about him, he will be able to pin each other instead of him.

5. Nate is manipulating Maddy and Kathy’s vulnerabilities to maintain control

By stringing Maddy, Nate takes advantage of her protracted feelings towards him and her desire to reconcile to regain Cal’s tape. Meanwhile, he utilizes Kathy’s desire for male verification to continue their relationship. He also uses his fear of Kathy’s consequences (Muddy is probably fighting her) to isolate his friends from each other and keep him and Kathy’s escape secret. Nate told Kathy on the phone, “If Maddy finds her, she’ll spend the rest of her life trying to kill me, but she’ll actually kill you.” He basically knows that both women he operates will face greater consequences than he does, which keeps him in control of the situation.

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6. Nate doesn’t admit his true feelings — what he has for Jules

In a very hot and very memorable scene, Jules’s image flashes on the screen while Nate and Kathy are having sex. In the narration, Lou explains why Nate is sticking to Kathy — but those flashes of Jules imply to the viewer that he’s at least partially thinking about Jules (Hunter Schafer). doing. It’s possible that Nate chose Kathy to push his feelings towards Jules because of his own transphobia and homosexual aversion (and perhaps because of her past with his dad).

7. Nate WStupid Rude to Kathy

When Nate learned that she and McKay were together in Season 1 and parallel to this in Season 2, Kathy, who first embarrassed the slut, hooked him up on New Year’s Eve. I asked McKay repeatedly about whether or not.Nate later asks Kathy how to see her best friend (and his ex-girlfriend). While eating her. Needless to say, if Nate had asked Maddy to speak outside at the expense of a little dignity, she would have avoided the entire shower blunder. He instead abandoned Kathy and laid her down in the shower for fear that Maddy would find her and find out that she and Nate were hooked up (of course, Kathy could have owned it). There is sex, but I don’t go there). This remedy is not appropriate for people who are just having sex, not to mention “love”.

Euphoria: Nate’s sticking to Kathy is problematic and not cute

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