“Euphoria” Nika King shares fan DM concerned about Rue

“”Euphoria“We are regaining an era of pop culture where people couldn’t separate actors from their roles. Sydney Sweeney (Cathy), Alexa Demie (Muddy), and Jacob Elordi (Nate) There are a lot of comments about their screen Triangular relationshipWith Nika King (Leslie) Colman Domingo (Ali) is enthusiastic about the recurrence of Lou and secretly selling the drug. “During episode 3 ofEuphoria”King character Leslie tells a friend that Lou is doing“ really good ” Keep her drinking.. Only Leslie seems to have been fooled — and fans are trying to get her attention through King.

On Wednesday, King shared some photos DM sent by fansIncluding: “Lou is still a drug mom !! Get her ass” “Heyyyymommabennett from”Euphoria.. You know that your daughter’s rue has been calm and sh * t for a long time. .. .. good. .. That is not true. She is still using drugs and she also sells drugs. I wanted to let you know. also. She’s rude to Ali. “” COMEGETYO DAUGHTER !!!! RUE BEEN ON THEPOT. Ask her for help! She sells drugs to some white women. “And finally,” Get up !! !! Is your daughter still doing drugs and are you starting to trade drugs now ?! ”

King’s reaction was simple. “I’m an actor. This is a TV show. Avoid all DMs snitching 😂” Well, everyone, that’s it.You just need to tune in Sunday’s HBO “Euphoria” To find out if Lou’s mom is riding her lie wind.

“Euphoria” Nika King shares fan DM concerned about Rue

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